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It is already very common the emergence of projects based on blockchain technology — Etherum in particular — is the ecosystem that has a platform with a wide category of tools, which makes development and creation of new projects available

We are discovering, after Bitcoin and alticoins: the so-called Tokens, and of the top 100 tokens per market capitalization, 94% are built on top of Etherum. Most ERC-20 tokens (tokens designed and used only on the Etherum platform)

And it was based on the Etherum platform that the CEO, Edwin Saul Flores along with a team of experts and technology developers teamed up to create Synapse.

What is Synapse ?
Synapsecoin is a collective financing system that uses BLockchain technology and Smart Contracts that comply, transparency and security in each operation.

This system allows financing innovative projects connecting them with investors. This system allows financing innovative projects connecting them with investors interested in contribute to the society, and at the same time generating an attractive profitability.

It will also be supported by its own Exchange or (exchange house), called Criptowasi. A system based on disruptive technology, and developed with a look & feel appropriate to the world of trading; using as standard the best practices of the Exchange most positioned cryptoworld.

SYNAPSECOIN: It is a collective financing platform, which connects investors with entrepreneurs, through an Smart Contract, safe and transparent, offering different innovative projects for investors, in the same way that provides full advice to entrepreneurs to be able to list their projects , with the purpose of reaching a successful fundraising and execution.

To learn more about Synapse, check out:

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I coundnt download wallet for android.