Today is the Last Day To Enter the Cryptsy Settlement

3년 전


If you had a balance in your Cryptsy account when the exchange went down, you were probably pretty pissed. Hopefully, the class action lawsuit will help you get something back. To enter, fill out the form here:

I highly doubt you'll get anywhere near what you left on the exchange back, but at least it should be something. They are supposedly accepting wallet transaction logs as proof of deposits to cryptsy, if you didn't take a screenshot of your transactions or trades on the website.

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Not sure how this will go. Not that it's recognise as real money but if they could get FBI to shut down dark web, then it's recognised as exchange of value. If there is value, then there can be loss. So, perhaps the claim may still have some chance.
BTW, welcome back. I missed your first post 6 days ago but caught up the last 2. :-)


Thanks! It's good to be back! I'm trying to get back into posting once in a while, but there's always too much going on in life so it's hard to find the time.


You're welcome. The consolation is even without posting for a while, the value of your wallet should have gone up with the trend of the the price of steem recently. :-)

I almost forgot about those guys!