The Cardonio Card

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Registering an account in order to access your ownpersonal Cardonio Card is a 3-5 minute process, we refer to as ‘on boarding’. This will include confirming a few personal details and a KYC verification to confirm customer identity. Once completed, Cardonio cards will be digitally allocated and sent to customers via registered mail with no fees or charges applied. The physical card can be used both for online and offline purchases and will be accepted at more than 30 million merchant locations around the world. Every time a purchase is made using Cardonio Card, customers will be given perfect interbank exchange rates with no markups or fees. In practice that will result in savings of around $60-80 on every $1000 spent, which compared to regular banks is an amazing value proposition in itself.Cardonio accounts can be easily funded with Ether and/or Bitcoin and without additional fees.Traditional Fiat currencies can also be used to top up accounts by means of bank transfer or from an existing debit/credit card. Cardonio Card allows for seamless purchases funded with your own ETH/BTC holdings. Customers hold ETH/BTC balances in their own personal wallet, which can be viewed at any time via the Cardonio website portal or smart phone app. Every time a Cardonio Card is swiped, the equivalent amount of ETH/BTC required to settle the fiat currency transaction will be exchanged. The rest of your ETH/BTC will be exchanged for the equivalent cash value. At all times your remaining balance stays in your wallet. There are no monthly or annual fees for usage of the Cardonio Card and access to perfect inter-bank exchange rates are at no cost to the user. Cardonio will not charge fees for global ATM withdrawals in line with acceptable Fair Usage Limitations.

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