Transfers between Cardonio App users

3년 전

Cardonio App users will have the ability to send currency (both crypto and fiat) to each other for free and in real time with funds being available to the recipient instantly and accessible by their Cardonio Card at ATMs around the world.
Interbank Exchange Rates, Physical Settlement &
In order to offer all Cardonio customers perfect interbank exchange rates without losing a tremendous amount of money, we are connected with 8 out of the top 10 banks
globally, giving us access to liquidity and low spreads. Our back end handles settlement and deploys proprietary algorithmic currency hedging strategies.
4.7. Cross-border Transfers platform
Cardonio will partner with several parties to power it's cross-border transfers capability using existing banking networks. In this setup, funds would be sent locally, avoiding cross-border charges. We are also looking to deploy blockchain-based solutions at a later stage.

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