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We have a short operating history and a new business model, which makes it difficult to evaluate with accuracy our prospects and future financial results. Despite the risks and uncertainties frequently encountered by companies in rapidly evolving markets, we are offering two scenarios to help those
participating in the Token Creation Event to understand different levers and possible outcomes for the project.
Cardonio’s revenue comes from the fee paid by the merchants (interchange fee, see below). This fee is the same as on other cards and is paid by merchants to the acquiring bank in order to process their payments. Cardonio takes a percentage of this fee each time a customer uses their Cardonio Card.
We assumed in our models the average interchange fee to be around 1.20%. This is not straightforward, there are pages and pages of rates: the interchange fees vary based on whether the card was present or not – and on the type of good or service being bought, whether it was a debit or credit card, whether it was a corporate card, whether it was an international transaction and lots of other criteria.

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