Reserve Tokens

3년 전

We are setting aside 100,000,000 of all CFGT created as Reserve Tokens. These CFGT will not be issued or sold during the initial sale and are locked in a smart contract. If at some point it seems advisable for the Cardonio project to sell more tokens, some or all of these may be offered in an auction format or some other format that suits the capital needs of the project.
Specifically, there are substantial balance sheet strength requirements in case Cardonio decides to apply for a full banking license in the European Union or Asia. In the interim, these CFGT will not be used in any way. They will not be considered as issued. It is possible these CFGT will never be issued, however, we feel it is prudent to have some backup if needed. In any event, Cardonio will engage directly with CFGT holders to seek guidance and market reaction before any of the Reserve tokens are offered.

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