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  1. Outbound travel spend
    IPK International reported that the world outbound travel market turnover for the year 2016 topped the $2 trillion mark for the first time,(an increase of around 7 to 8%
    compared to 2015). The outlook for travel in 2018 is very positive, according to IPK International. The consultancy forecasts an increase in worldwide outbound trips of between 4 and 5% from 2017. IPK International sees particularly strong growth for outbound trips originating in Asia, with a predicted rise of 6%.
    China’s outbound tourism is a massive opportunity. Over 70% of cross-border trips are made to Hong Kong and Macau, according to the World Travel Monitor. Chinese
    outbound trips amounted to around 39 million in 2015, excluding trips to Hong Kong and Macao. For the Chinese traveler holding digital currencies, the Cardonio Card and
    Cardonio App will prove to be an essential tool.
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