Go Litecoin Go!!

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LTC has been going UP all day!!

Litecoin once again held Bitcoin's hand and has been going on a walk uphill right along side it. As I am writing this (9:12pm-ish EST) BTC has went up $803 in the last 24 hours and over $20.

I have been watching my 4 shiny LTC all day and finally sold about an hour ago.


I sold right in there somewhere

I ended up with about $75 profit and I'm pretty content with that. It was still going up, but I bought it 2 weeks ago and didn't buy it to hold. LTC is my way to fiat, I normally do very little day trading, but when I do it is always such a rush. I would not have been able to sleep if I had held it rather then selling, and a girl needs her beauty sleep. I have a couple other ALTs tucked away as long holds that I won't be selling any time soon.


As of right now 9:21pm EST it is sitting right around $81.68 with BTC hovering just under $5000. I personally hope it goes down so I can buy some more Thursday. Bitshares is also up today at $0.0708 (coinmarketcap). I saw EOS is above $5.

Maybe it is not such a bad thing that everything blindly follows BTC (when that means gains...of course 😀)

All the Love-


Come visit me in Whaleshares Official Discord:

I'd love to meet you <3


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Darn it! My 3.5 ltc disappeared when quadrigaCX shut down(stole them). I bought them in the 30's...

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I'll be happy at 350 again

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