I Have To Sell Some Steem To Pay The Bills

2년 전

I Have To Sell Some Steem

Its Not What I wanted

Ideally I would love to have kept a bit more but I have to sell some of my Steem To Pay My Bills.

The Price is really bad at the minute as well and has been decreasing over the past few months which is a real disappointment.

It needs the Crypto boom again but we are not in that at the minute

I have had to sell some of my Steem with regret to pay my bills its what happens in life and the price I have to take now is what I get which is not good at all.

My advice to anyone if you can hold on to them but I have had to sell mine which was unfortunate.

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Horrible timing. :(

why bro, have some problem.

Friend, how are you? in Venezuela we have to sell the Steem and Sbd to be able to buy food, medicines and everything we can buy so I understand what you feel about having to sell your Steem to pay your bills

The bad situation of low prices affects us all, and unfortunately consumption and expenses in the home and in our lives cannot wait, how long will we be in this situation?

what is this boss?


the boom of the crypto coming back hopefully haha

It's really unfortunate situation but in my opinion you are doing that with valid reason and if our holdings will not help us in tough times then it's not worth.

And yes, at this moment hodling can help but the prices are suppressed and many are facing the same issues.

Let's hope that we can see next Bull Run for sure. And at this moment uptrend is needed to face some good times for sure. Let's hope for the best.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed.

Friend, how are you? at this time the prices are low but if you have to sell your Steem is for a big cause not for anything, I hope that soon the picture changes and you recover

Really at this moment the steem price and the whole crypto market are totally disappointed for us. Maybe wait more than 2-3 months to get something bigger but We can't hold steem for our daily requirements.

Its the same situation for me too its a very difficult time for all of us