Last night I bought what i assumed was the first 100 CTP tokens and today I bought 1 CTP Miner, my first SE miner. The site loosk amazing a Lead generator Marketing system to coach users to workathome, with steem engine token + tribe! Tai Lopez Wet Dream

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in ctp

Bought and staked 100 CTP and 1 CTP miner and I REALLy like the idea behind this , good job to its @jongolson who I will support by buying and promoting and USING this system that reminds me of MLSPRO or some other sort of work at home coaching program with sales quota style leaderboards etc. We can integrate the @heimindanger captcha token and really create ways for ANYONE at any level to start creating money they can actually cash out the same day they join. This guy is going far... or someone will come along steal his idea make it more polished and REALLy become the first steem engine millionaire or Billionaire

I have seen programs like this make millionaires off the very meta task of trying to make people money :D Making money OFF of the process of people trying to make money... without selling ebooks lol...

So he is giving people fancy looking tools AND involving a Steem engine token and tribe? Now THIS can actually WORK! You can ACTUALLY PROMISE PEOPLE MONEY and they will ACTUALLy make money! They can just complain about "Hey I havent made a penny yet" and CLICK heres an upvote! hahah I mean Tai Lopez should really be on steem making a tribe... @thejohalfiles and I were actually on a Tai Lopex live stream chat room once and we GOT Tai Lopez to mention steem on stream, after johal came into @fyrstikken 's Discord

Id like to help @jongolson make it easier for new users to start making their first dollar online even if its through upvotes on their CPTTALK intro post! I can't think of a better way to encourage the workathome beginner than a steem based tribe with its own token.

(note to @achatainga and @citimillz please remind me in 12 to 24 hrs when i wake up to make a Work At Home coaching video series on youtube where I teach people how to start using steem or this system to make a post, and cash out their first spendable dollar with the FREE cash app which sends you a free crypto debit card... I can show all the instructions and it will be a REALLY popular youtube vdieo i think and we can use this system )

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I like the idea. I will buy some miners and tokens. Thank you for your article.


I'm a bit biased. I've known @jongolson for many years. He's never once lied to me or steered me wrong. I've been making money from day one with ctptalk. I stake every token I earn here. I also bought a couple of miners as well. I will do what I can to support the guys over at CTP.

I'm curious where to get my free debit 😁

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Download the Cash App. is my cashapp link you can get $5 and we should get @jongolson to get his cashapp link and place it on the website (or let users place theirs in a revolving door manner like time slots as a bonus)but yeah he will make good money in referrals signing users up getting $5 everytime someone signs up for a cashapp debit card WHICH has Bitcoin and thus lets you cash out your steem engine rewards .. its actually the easiest one to do so, much easier faster and cheaper than bitpay

ya know Bitpay used to charge $10 USD in BTC for their debit card which doesnt even have ATM withdraws anymore, cash app does BTC buy sell deposit withdraw and ATm and cash back .... the monaco card ALSO apparently is free... and if you sign up under @supermeatboy you can maybe get $50 still IF you buy $50 in their MCO coin which you can use to buy from ur bank anyway if your buying crypto, and plus its great to actualy have a free crypto debit card and we could include the CASH APP card referal link as PART of the CTP system @jongolson

@ackza said he will also upvote EVERY new member of CTP who is at $0.00 on their posts or comments, with a few cents 5 to 10 maybe, just so they can say they HAVE made some money online their FIRSt day !!! :D just direct them to @steemspeak or discord link directly here


Lol, ok... Now when I read all of this I feel like joining CTP 🤷‍♂️👀

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Hey @ackza that looks interesting and might have a lot potential. Will have a look into this.

Good post I got these tokens from airdrop some time ago :)




i don't know for what I get this airdrop. Maybe for be in Steem Basic Icome called SBI.

Sounds interesting. Waiting for your video review!

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everyone just got at least 5 CTP tokens from my upvotes , and the price is going up! so get those CTP soon before @jongolson starts buying youtube ads and partners with @jerrybanfield :D