Top 10 Trending Posts on are making their authors a total of $30.58 in combined ACTUAL yield. Congrats to Jongolson for creating a site with higher payouts that Pal!

in ctp

Seeing this data on how the top 10 posts on are making $50 9$30 actual yield) it made me want to buy more CTP tokens to stake. It isnt easy to just create a cryptocurrency and have enough people buy to have it keep its value! I know CTP talk is working because the front page is actually earning its users more money than Golos seems to be right now! These SCOT tokens are all competing now and soon one will plug in to and allow new users to mine their own new accounts in browser via captchas and even TASKs one day.

Kudos to @inertia for his amazing new feature that let me check this data, called $tt2x command you can give to @banjo just type in $tt2x and the name of the SCOt token only, so tt2x ctp showed me the info the top 10 post payouts for

Here is the $tt2x data for @palnet PAL token from

Interesting enough, Pal payouts are less than @ctptalk so @jongolson should be proud

Sum of Top 10 Pending Payout
478.056 PAL / 119.524 STEEMP / $23.579051
Actual Yield
478.056 PAL would sell for 119.522 STEEMP / $23.578745

I suggest investing in @banjo token and stake it if you wish to actually support this free to use bot that I hope branches off into many useful clones soon, allowing us to stake a claim and maybe earn a reward from the bots passive income. For example, if i could stake enough banjo to get a cut of the money banjo could earn if banjo had a built in exchange, or maybe banjo can do a random upvote at 100% every week and staking banjo gives me a better chance of getting it. Anyway there are many things banjo can do , and invite links is another. needs an on-boarding system. with banjo could provide this. Cashapp referral link give new users $5 and you earn $5 and they get a free crypto debit cards, so its worth it to them just for the card! New users can thus signup and pay $5 for a steem account from here and I will earn $3 and thgen they signup here for cashapp: + another $400 in possible rewards if they signup for a Varo Bank account 9which they can connect to the cashapp and load up with cash at any cvs or 7110

And they will get anothr $15 and anther crypto debit card and bank account with Revolut Bank here!G10D21

Now I also made a nice picture of the image @stackin made for his steemit post to promote his cashapp card experience so i modified it and made it for my twitter for a TASK promoted post :)

Go check out @stackin on twitter

Here is his twitter where he could use some likes comments retweets, and ahhh hes got that pecoin game up :D

Imagine if we all start liking and commenting retweeting each others tweets, once w day for retweets if they are good but the like and comments lets get that going, if just 10 of us all help each other everyday, it can grow and grow so fats, imagine 100 steemians all upvoting each other on twitter! Its gonna happen guys, ORGANIC up growth in price, its GOING to happen for us! Once the steemit inc selling is done we will have a new landscape with SO many dapps running off the new @roelandp steemwallet and the many new steem dapp browsers we will soon have! It will be so epic! Wait till we have a new steem engine front end to use, people will be making special mobile apps that use keychain and let you trade steem engine tokens SMOOTHLY

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I have been buying and staking ctp tokens since they came on the market. The ctp miners are now out and are a great deal right now. I hear the price will go up in a couple of weeks so now is a great time to stock up. The return on the miners have been good and I comment everyday on ctp talk and I am getting returns from that as well make sure you take your tokens and your miners or you will miss out.

I love seeing when someone takes a chance and it WORKS!! Best answer ever to the critics!!

This is definitely the place to be. Jon & Blain have worked hard & endless hours to bring back this tried & true program, CTP back & it is better than ever. The CTP tokens and CTP miners are incredible. I have been stocking up on these as several other community members. Here, everyone can succeed, no matter if you are a curator or content creator. Steem & CTP are made for each other.

This post is awesome. ctptalk is one of the best communities I've come across.
Thanks for writing this up. Staking works. Steem just works. I don't regret a single token or miner I've bought. It's great signing in and seeing new tokens.
Love the cash app idea as well.

To succeed with affiliate marketing I feel CTP talk is the way to go. Both in learning and achieving success

Appreciate the kind words! But we're just small fish compared to PAL and the OG's here on STEEM.

However our curators have been looking for great content and will continue to upvote people to bring value to the market and help give people a little push on their journey here on STEEM :)

We're just getting started and will continue to support everyone we can!

Great to see CTPtalk succeeding, and I do beleive it will continue to grow quite rapidly going forward, and especially bring in new Steemians from the affiliate marketing world.

Comparing the top ten between two tribes just means there’s more payouts in the top ten of one and not the other. PAL has more even vote distribution, and thus, the top ten are lower compared to another tribe with less even vote distribution.

The more interesting thing is how the PAL buy book is unaffected by it the volume of the top ten and CTP would be impacted greatly.

This shows that the PAL but book can handle the volume if all of the top ten authors/curators sold all at once, hypothetically.