CTP & Red Fish Rally day 3

2개월 전

Morning all,


Let me start of as always now with #CTP and the tribe.


A quick screen shot of where the CTP token price range is, just because I like to look at it :)

Some exciting new coming from Click Track Profit for those of us that love hunting badges on Traffic Exchanges.


A great post and video from @jongolson (https://ctptalk.com/dtube/@jongolson/khlu3c5lwv1)

I am on the road to 20K :) You will understand that if you read his post!

I am into day 3 of my Red Fish rally posting.

Loving it!

Steem and Bitcoin have setting in for the last couple of days without much movement

#Steem: $0.120490 USD (0.36%) 0.00001637 BTC (-1.37%)
#Bitcoin: $7,359.37 USD (1.75%)

Personal stuff:

Put up a new door to my laundry room last night. Had to do some work to get it level but in the end I got it! Then I had to paint it!

Half painted:


Fully painted:


Sorry about the sideways pics. But the white paint as you can see makes a big difference.

I read a few things yesterday with people having trouble writing for their Red Fish post. You can do it! Find your passion and just let your fingers go. As I have said many times in the past I am no writer. But I manage to put something out every day.

Besides myself. If you go to the CTP Tribe you can read a lot of members writings and maybe get some inspiration.

Hope you all have a great day.

Click Track Profit



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That door looks great @bradleyarrow, and I also see you took Russell's advice and opened it, and it's very motivating to see you move forward consistently, keep up your great work and stay awesome.

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Good job with the door, Bradley!
And here you are a different look at our CTP token... We have squeezed those candles, and the next thing after that is a rally... UP or DOWN.... We will see... :)

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Happy to see you enjoying the Redfish Rally. I hope that it will help you grow more. Wow! 20K CTP tokens!!! I can't imagine!!! Congratulations though! Nice DIY project too! You are one busy person!!!