Started another website, not sure if I really needed it or not

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I've been using my site for a long time now. The member area of the host says since Jan. 30, 2006 so that's almost 14 years now. I am supposed to have unlimited web space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, etc. So some people would think I don't need another domain or other web hosting anywhere else.

I have had problems trying to install things and get a shopping cart to work with digital download items so I try other things if it seems like a good idea. Anyway, I found a deal where I can download a boatload of digital resell products and got a 10GB hosting account for free.

All I had to do was get the domain from any domain register site and my own host had the best deal on a domain with .work on the end instead of the higher cost of .com or .anything else and I was really shocked at the difference in prices at the other domain register sites. The problem I saw was if you pay for 1 year and then want to renew. They all get you on that second, third year etc. I understand costs go up but the host I have been using had the .work for about $4.95 per year and it was the same price per year if I paid for one, two or three. I didn't see a choice to pay for more than 3 years.

So, Yes I got 3 years on the domain, free 10 GB hosting and lifetime membership on the digital download plan.

What did all this cost me? Well the total was (rounding up) $95

I think it was a great deal so I'm not going to worry about spending that much on it.

I do not want to add links here and I'm not sure if I should say where I got the digital download membership or what the new site is ... maybe after I get some more set up on the new domain I will but for now, I'm working on it.

This post is really just to let people know they should shop around even for a domain, I don't mind that it's a .work instead of a more well known ending on it.


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95 bucks? for a web domain you need to make yourself still ?
If you want to keep things cheap, then keep it simple.
I payed 12 bucks for a domain (.com) per year and the hosting was free for ever. (

You can also use Google Firebase as your hosting platform. The free account is limited to the amount of bandwith yes.. but for what you are doing is good enough, you will not run out.


no my total was $95, not for the domain. I paid a little under $15 for 3 years on the domain, I'm sure I put that in my typing in my post. And about the bandwidth for what I'm trying to do, I have tons of digital download reseller things, some of which are high byte size files. Sorry for the confusion in my wording of my post.

Nice to setup your own site @busylion, just make sure to back it up so you can set it up some place else if the host goes bankrupt, keep up your great work and stay awesome.

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