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CTP Will Be Featured This Coming Monday On Tribe.Talk

On Monday October 21st, the CTP Tribe will be featured on @pennsif 's weekly Tribe.Talk show!

I had the pleasure of co-hosting last week's show with Pennsif and look forward to being interviewed this coming Monday.

I would love to see as many CTP members come out as possible, the show will be at 8pm UTC so everyone should be able to attend!!


CTP Members Rock!

We're doing something a little different in our weekly 'Road To 3000 CTP' feature...

Part of our strategy for building the ClickTrackProfit community on Steem is to highlight some of the amazing content creators on the platform. So every week, during our Road To 3000 CTP show, we have been featuring some amazing Steemians that are working hard to bring 'blockchain' to affiliate marketing and vice versa...

Two weeks ago, we featured @Flaxz who has just been a massive asset to CTP and the entire community. Along with his fantastic training series he's been working hard on his second account @thisisawesome and highlighting some of the amazing content on CTP!

The Road To 3000 CTP Tokens - Keep Stacking  - YouTube.png

And yesterday I had to give @ph1102 a huge shout out too...

This guy has been awesome to both CTP and Steem...His School of Steem series has helped so many people learn about the blockchain and we're very grateful or him as well!

The Road To 3000 CTP Tokens - Create  Every  Single  Day  - YouTube.png

Make sure you give these guys a follow :)

The IPN Cometh....

We're getting very close to having a working beta version of the CTP IPN / API....This has been a huge goal for us since day one of forming the CTP Token.

For a few reasons...

One, there is a massive need for it in affiliate marketing. Business owners left and right have been losing their PayPal accounts and are looking for a safe and secure way to accept and send payments...

The CTP Token hopes to do just that. And currently we have about a half a dozen businesses that are on the waiting list and asking for this project to finish up. So that they can start accepting CTP as payment for their goods and services.

Second, the affiliate marketing industry NEEDS to adopt more crypto projects and get their members into the habit of not only sending and receiving payments in the form of crypto...But actually using the stuff! :)

This blogging platform was ranked as the favorite new feature in the poll we did for CTP members and th proof is there...This marriage is happening!!!!

We can't wait to release this IPN and help get more affiliate marketers fired up about the potential for crypto in their business.

Exciting times ahead :)


The Union Is Here!

Blockchain meets Affiliate Marketing....

CTP Condenser -

CTP Token on Steem-Engine -

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The CTP token IPN coming soon is really great news, I actually bought some more now that the prices are low, so I just passed 9000 CTP and getting closer to whalehood, and thanks a lot for the shoutout it's much appreciated, keep up your great work and stay awesome.


awesome man, thank you very much for all your support and belief in this project and tribe!


Great ! 💙 ♬

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Well that is great news that you are close to a beta version ctp/ipn /api as once that happens the price of both the ctp tokens and the ctp miners will increase as folks will need to have more ctp tokens to pay for goods and services. So now is a great time to stock up on ctp tokens and miners so you will be ready.this is not investment advice just my opinion. Well of to get more tokens and miners later all


slow and steady :) we're getting there

Yay for @clicktrackprofit for being on Steem's next Mondays webshow. I will definitely try to be there.

Congrats on the mention Erik @Flaxz @thisisawesome and Zoltan @ph1102, you both deserve it! I thought I already was, but now I am following you and gave you both various up votes! ;)

IPN on the way, YAY again, with more people able to use CTP Tokens, it can only mean growth for all of us! ;)

Have a great weekend @everyone, we're lucky to be part of this! :)


Thanks @griega, and I hope you will find it useful to follow me, stay awesome.

I been waiting for an update on the IPN! Was going to tweet you a few times Jon, but I knew you would come though with an update soon! So excited.


I am looking forward to being able to add CTP tokens to my website. Exciting news!