Kindness is Good Business


I want to say I appreciate the ctp, steemitmamas, needlecraftmonday, and other great communities that offer education and mutual support for Steem. These communities support quality content and encourage newbies.

In a world where so many are quick to be offended and even downright mean, take the high ground and choose to be kind. Upvote a beginner and offer a comment for improvement. If someone makes a mistake, kindly offer a correction to get them on track. Save down votes for flagrantly bad stuff or for those who do not respond to a gentle correction/warning.

The communities I mentioned do a great job in this department. Kindness is just as easy to give as meanness, and is more satisfying.

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Kindness goes a really long way @fiberfrau, and thank you very much for showing your own, keep up your great work and stay awesome.

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Well said @fiberfrau, kindness and community is important and we need more of it, stay awesome.

Appreciate the mention :)

And I agree...A little upvote goes a long way! I think it encourages content creation and adoption of a community. We need more support across the board to make people feel welcomed!