Spammer using my video content... :(

7개월 전

It has been brought to my attention by @louis88 that a spammer has created a fake account using my photo and the title of one of my YouTube channels, Top 5 Programs, to post my video content on Steemit under the handle, minnyfy.


It looks as if the videos have simply been shared from YouTube. The spammers seem to target a specific YouTube channel and share the content on Steemit, presumably hoping to pick up some Steem?

Is there anything I ought to do about it? I suppose I could downvote all the content. Should I just ignore it? Or is it more serious than that?

There is a list of possible spam accounts on this German language Steemit post:



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Well they say copy is the best form of flattery, - if it draws attention to your product then ok, are they making much steem ???
You could post on their post and thank them and point out to people that they are copying your material, I mean there is only one original David Hurley


Hi Russell, They aren't making much Steem from it all so far. Once I realized that they were not hacking into my accounts I stopped worrying about it so much. Indeed, there may even be a silver lining in that they are sharing my content! It's just irritating to see how they are doing it - by pretending to be the person whose content they are sharing. There is a whole bunch of fake steem blogs now.

wow, that is a really lazy way to put out content.
sharing someone else's youtube videos and claiming it as your own.

down voting could apply here.
or give them a follow and thank them for sharing your content
perhaps with a link back to your youtube channel


Hi @andrewn , thanks for your input. I was thinking about downvoting the posts, but in the end I think I will just ignore them.