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Yesterday I posted about the certifications from the lessons. Today, let me digress a bit to another training category -- the recurring tasks. These are small steps that can serve as a guide to the activities that you need to work on daily. The key here is to be consistent.

These are the steps in a nutshell:

  1. login daily
  2. rate 10 websites in The Gauntlet (I'll go into details on another post soon)
  3. claim 5 badges
  4. review 1 site in The Gauntlet
  5. give 5 thumbs up or down on someone's review in The Gauntlet
  6. send 100 hits to your tracking link

I have managed to do all the first five tasks on a daily basis. At the moment I'm a work in progress for step #6. With persistence, I know that I'll achieve this soon... daily! ^_^

The weekly task is on referring 2 people to the CTP program. Awesome! I now have a daily to-do list that's built in the CTP program. Isn't that amazing? I think so too. ^_^

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This is so great! Way to show up everyday Rain. Long-time no see.
Keep up the great work!


Hello, Craig! Thanks for the kind words. It's good to be back.


do you remember me? I was either igster 101 iggy or ignatowitz marketing then


Sure do, Craig! Nice to see you here again.


Thank you and you as well Rosey

great post and steps included Thank You


Thank you for the kind words! ^_^

That is a really great list @iamraincrystal, and even better that you work on it, it's awesome.

This post is AWESOME!

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Thank you for the encouraging words! ^_^


Thanks @iamraincrystal, and thank you for your awesome contribution.

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