Focused On The Build!


Over the past few months my focus has been on re-building the @ClickTrackProfit platform!

From the membership site with all it's affiliate marketing training...To the release of the condenser along with our two tokens - CTP and the CTPM

It's been a whirlwind....

A funny thing happened this past week that I wasn't even aware of until someone pointed it out to me in our Discord server...

Steem had hit the lowest price I had ever experienced since joining in December of 2017...Under 20 cents!

The horror!

What was I going to do?

All this effort into a blockchain project that was surely failing.....

My reaction was as you expect it would be....I took the news in and with every ounce of my being let out a huge....


Yeah, I didn't really care what the price was and it was pretty much the furthest thing from my mind...And you wanna know why?

Cause since day one...In December 2017...My entire focus was this...

Build on STEEM. Grow on STEEM. Accumulate STEEM. Use STEEM.

Not once, was price a factor in my decision to be involved in this project....

Because when I joined..I 'saw' the future of what is being realized right now.

I'm re-building my 10 year old affiliate marketing business and incorporating the blockchain into it. So my members can experience the power and potential of everything that STEEM offers.

The marriage! The union...

ClickTrackProfit walking down the aisle with STEEM.

O.K. now I'm getting silly...

However this is the truth. I'm focused on building here and my game plan was never to stop in August of 2019...It was a 3-5 year game plan. It was a commitment I made to myself and my family, that I would put my all into this project. So that I could see what would happen when the blockchain meets affiliate marketing.

And so far, it's been awesome!

I've had numerous Steemians become extremely curious about CTP and have joined to take part in the training. On the flip side, I've had dozens upon dozens of CTP members, get their first taste of the blockchain and cryptocurrency!

It's been an absolute blast to build and I know this sounds sooooooooo much like a sales pitch but...This is only phase 1 of our plans :)

Thank you STEEM, for embracing my little project. And I know marketers aren't the most 'loved' people in blockchain circles...but we're eager to learn. And looking forward to meeting the challenges head on.

Let's see what we can create and build together!


The Union Is Here!

Blockchain meets Affiliate Marketing....

=> CTP Condenser -

=> CTP Token on Steem-Engine -

=> CTP Miner on Steem-Engine -

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Yes this is what it's all about to build it right


absolutely. and building things right, in my opinion, takes time. so i’m willing to wait :)

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Thank you for rebuilding click track profit and combining it with steem

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thanks man. and thanks for putting trust in our vision :)

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You are a proud Steemian, we are glad to have you Jon :)


thanks very much. appreciate that!

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Hola, @jongolson

That the attitude. And in every marriage there is a rise and fall (good and bad), we must not stop for a simple economic fsctor. Long-term projects start from small and then are large.

I wish you the best and thanks for bringing us this platform.


appreciate it man. long term is the only way i know how to do this :)

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The price is only an opportunity as the token is what fuels all thatbis going on and with Steem Engine Tribes, plenty engagement has been seen lately!

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there’s a new feeling on steem. it’s refreshing :) #newsteem

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I've seen it down to 7cents ... shoot up to 2.50 ... drop to 40 and then move back to $8... over the course of months. It's the nature of the beast. Just keep on keeping on


absolutely. forward is all i can do :)

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What you are building here on Steem and with ClickTrackProfit, and how they come together in CTPtalk is something really great @jongolson, short term price is just a distraction, so keep on building, it's awesome.

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appreciate it man. thank you so much for the support.

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Thanks @jongolson, and stay awesome.

Very happy to be here. I support you guys 100%


appreciate it man. means a ton.

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Sometimes i don't see what I need to see, so is it possible to have one page in clicktrackprofit dedicated to steem and tokens and all with our affiliate links to each or is it there and I am blind


see what we can do. the training is in there. but i know what you mean.

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I love your attitude. I still believe in Steemit and he has shown me all this time supporting me and my family, through his platform and of course the help of hope project and @crypto.piotr, who is an enterprising person like you and who also believes in the value of the Steemit platform.

In this platform I have not only found a way to support myself and my family but also I found very good people, who have helped me in many aspects besides the economic. Friendships that break down borders

I don't know what CPT is yet, but it looks interesting.

Keep spreading Steemit love...


awesome hear that. i think there are fantastic opportunities here and will continue to be. as long as we remember the biggest asset on steem and that’s the people.

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The people! You are right, my friend

awesome job so far... most of it is above my paygrade but I will keep trying... lol


ctp is complicated!? if it is. i haven’t done my job properly.

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@jongolson keep doing what you are Doing. I Like People that have a Passion and don't Ever GIVE UP !!!


thanks very much. yeah. it’s a passion. or an addiction lol or both lol

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The new journey with CTP V2 and CTPtalk and the tie in with Steem has been a blast of refreshing change.


yeah man. it’s been pretty smooth too. no major issues.....yet lol

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Nailed it Jon - you cant let the perceived negative get to you , after all every negative gives us a positive,
Who cares what the value is today because when you are in things for the long term then the bigger picture is important.
People shouldn't be the Microwaved economic rationalist, looking for short term returns will only have you hopping and living in a constant state of frustration.
Love your work Jon


Appreciate you man, thanks for the comments!

It's a tough thing to 'sell' telling people they need to stay the course, keep showing up, and deliver value....That's never going to make you the big bucks LOL

But it's all I know what to do :)

If someone is really going to tell me that steem will hit and be sitting at 0.2$ at this time of the year, I will deny it


lol if it hits 2 cents. i’m going for whale status lolol

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Hey, the way I see it , steem needs all the marketers they can get. Soon all the people from CTP that joined steem will be raving about it. When marketers like something , they gonna share it with the world

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This one is a Kick in the Butt goodie man! Still learning this, and you better keep learning me, us all!! Thx a lot

Thank you for sharing. Nice post

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Yeah it's been dropping quite a bit, but since my opinion is that this is due to the new tokens in the tribes, the value stays in the Steem ecosystem, but the importance of the Steem token will go down to being what you need for RC, and as the main trading pair.

This of course means more power and earnings to newcomers, something I think is crucial to the adoption going forward.

So keep on building, and have an awesome day.

I have been over the moon about this "marriage." Steem & CTP are made for each other. So much excitement with this has already happened &, to even think we are just starting, blows my mind.

Just like Steem as a whole, we have an amazing community here in CTP. We are behind you all the way & I would like to apply for the official CTP pixie position 😂😉

Thanks for all you and Blaine do!! 💞🙌

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