My War & Peace Article Is Almost Ready....

5개월 전

Wow. I’ve spent the past few hours writing this mammoth article...

But it’ll be worth it.

It’s the official introduction of the CTP token, tribe and miner!

And we’re so close to publishing it :)

The fun is just beginning. Be sure to swing by to see all the awesome new members of Steem!

We’re coming!!! Click Track Profit has a new home...

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That sound very interesting


About to have a TON of fun with this stuff :)

I have just bought 25 CTP miners. To the moon!


That is so cool...Thank you so much for your support!!

@jongolson, And we are feeling really enthusiastic and excited towards this new home.

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Hope so....We need more great content using that tag though ;)


Brother i need one clarity hear and it will be a Knowledge Transfer for me, you've put any specific niche based content for the CTP ECOSYSTEM or how it is? What type of content will receive a space here?

Thank you.

Awsome....and yes looking forward to check it out! Keep on moving! Much success and respect!


Thanks man! Slow and steady :)

It turned out great Jon, well done.


So fr so good :) Just waiting for that first S-E market crash to see how the token does LOLOL


Yeah that will happen once people start to cash out their awesome token earnings, so we just have to make sure this thing goes viral before that and be able to ride out that wave.


Help people who not only sell their profits, but also contribute to the project by stalling tokens. For a future those same users have an economic stability with these touches.

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