My Special Talent

3개월 전

We all have Special Talents of one type or another. I have been working in the restaurant industry for many years and this is something I learned along the way.

You might not want to try this at home, I had a lot of practice before I could do this. It's like anything else, it looks impressive but with a little focus and practice you can do anything.

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You are correct that we all have talents. We just have to find out which ones and explore them until you find one that you are passionate about and excel at. BTW...tried that a home....Don't look away, lol


lol Yeah I always know where the knife is because it never leaves my guide finger so I can do this without looking.

This is a great talent to have with onions. hehe. Not one of my talents though..

What was/is your favorite thing to cook?


I have been cooking professionally for almost 30 years, I can do all kinds of things I guess it just depends on my mood at the time what is my favorite.

Hi @maddogmike, love it, must say I do a lot of speed chopping, a well balanced and sharp knife does the job oh and good finger placement


Sharp knife is essential, becomes very dangers with a dull knife.

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When I worked as a security guard, my talent was standing around doing nothing. I was really good at that :-)