Makes you better.

I've learned basic programming(html/css) a few times now and again because its just like any other language... if you dont use it... you forget it.

Besides im a nerd and like it.

I dont use it much when creating websites anymore... but every now and then it catches me off guard. Thankfully we have sites like to come in clutch and dont need to learn it all over again.

oh yeah... i recommend sites like Free Code Camp and Code Academy

And just like programming... sometimes its good to get back to the basics of business.

Click Track Profit does just that.

Starting with what CTP is about, then introduction and tips for getting your brand out on social media. It continues through tracking your website stats, and get into the meat and potatoes of how Jon(CTP owner @jongolson) brands himself as an authority. It gets more advanced as you continue through the videos and is great for any business person.

Come back tomorrow to learn more about my history in business!

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Great advice @techbizgeek, we all need practice to learn and to keep up our skills, and well done with promoting the training in CTP, keep up your great work and stay awesome.

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Thanks @techbizgeek, and keep up your awesome work.

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Thank you! I'm enjoying partiko so far :)

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