Special CTPtalk promotion, I am giving out 20 Free Steem accounts for CTP Talk Member's friends families or anyone you know who would post and like a few CTP staked

29일 전

To promote https://ctptalk.com https://clicktrackprofit.com and its new Peak tribe on @steempeak here https://steempeak.com/tribes/CTP

Just come to https://SteemSpeak.com discord and come ask for @ackza#0826 or just comment below, i will check the comments and I will give you links over discord or, if steem had a private messaging system using its own memo keys

I will start with 20 free accounts using @steem.ninja and https://invite.steem.ninja i can send you links over discord or telegram and you will need to send be the name ONCE its all done and you have your keys SAVED written down (maybe use https://lastpass.com ) and then i will stake some CTP tokens and maybe some other interesting steem-engine tokens and pegged assets and it will be a nice present. I will also upvote the intro posts you and they make for each other and will resteem their first post when they mention this promo.

Maybe @steempeak and @asgarth can actually give us a PRIVATE message system that just used a transaction with memo key and custom jsons and a widget on steempeak or in the wallet could allow us to send private messages, would be sweet and I would pay Steempeak tokens and stake them to get access to that! Maybe make it free for everyone to RECEIVE private messages but to be able to SEND them require you buy and stake certain amount of @steempeak tokens coming soon

Anyway I have also just bought and staked 4 more CTPminer tokens the only miner tokens I have bought on steem-engine

I will just suggest to @jongolson that you please give an estimate to how many CTP one earns after buying X amount, and or show the math behind it, and how it becomes competitive a disclaimer that you need to buy enough to compete with others to earn any tokens in the time you may want. The POS mining system with steem-engine is interesting and I know one day Ill enjoy knowing this is paying me passive income as this system clicktrackprofit brings in many people looking for a work at home job or system for side income.

Here I am placing a buy order for 100 more CTP tokens

And Im excited to be able to give out 20 Steem Accounts with some CTP staked in each one and some doge psop a neoxag maybe some ASS tokens as well :D Its gonna be fun watching people watch some of these tokens go from $0.01 to $0.10 to $1.00 to $10.00 :D

I will leave you with this chart of CTP I got from owning 1 SSCC token by @heimindanger so i can use the very limited Steem Smart Contract Commander which is around $20 to get in and only 20 tokens so only 20 people get the luxury of using it! I can do airdrops so that alone pays for itself

That last spike i believe was me!

So come to https://steemspeak.com ask for ackza for your free steem account or message me ackza on telegram. Discord messages may not ever be replied to, i have to many, better to find me directly in https://SteemSpeak.com discord , dont be afraid to call me on discord ackza#0826 if you need that steem account ASAP

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Excellent Value :) good stuff @ackza

  ·  28일 전

That is great of you

This is great info. Thanks for posting it. I'm in it for the long haul and cannot wait to see where Steem is gonna go.