Cuba: Top Five Travel Tips

3년 전

1.) Screen shot all the addresses of your Airbnbs, hotels, museums, places you want to visit. You likely won't have wifi or cell service, so this will be imperative to finding where you need to go, or asking a taxi to take you there.
2.) Bring cash - and exchange it into Canadian currency first (if you're from the US) to avoid the extra tax when getting Cuban convertible money (CUCs)
3.) Check out Havana and Old Havana, but also make plans to check out the beach (Varadero) and the country-side (Vinales) to get the most from your trip. You'll get to see city life and hot spots, gorgeous white sand beaches, horses and farms, tobacco farms and cigar-making houses, all in one country.
4.) Ask your Airbnb hosts for breakfast - they'll be happy to make it for you, for as little as $5 CUCs, and it'll be filled with yummy eggs, fresh tropical fruit, coffee, fruit juices, meat, cheese and bread. It's also a great way to get to know your hosts and ask for local travel tips.
5.) Ask your Airbnb or hotel for taxi driver recommendations - ask them the price - then haggle a bit. Taxis are a great way to get form here to there and it's pretty economical. It's also fun to ride around in an old car from the 60s!

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