A discovery about the Dong Khanh phoenix

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The shirt was auctioned on December 10, 2018 in Paris, France with the caption of Austria's Empress's Imperial Stand in the reign of Emperor Dong Khanh.

The last shirt was paid for the price of 23,400 euros (about 616 million VND), this is a very cheap price compared to the value of the shirt. It is also necessary to know that artist Vu Van Gioi used to build a Phuong Phuong queen's Phuong Phuong with the price of not less than 1 billion VND.

Regarding the owner of the shirt, according to the auction house legend, this pho Phuong of a "Queen under the reign of Emperor Dong Khanh" is highly likely to belong to Hoang Quy, the architect Nguyen Huu Thi Nhan, the dignity of the Dong Khanh emperor, after retrospectively beating the Emperor Thien Thuan (hậu 天 純 皇后).

There are also some issues that need to be discussed: if you look closely on the shirt, you can recognize, the phoenix embroidered on the shirt dominated only 3 tails. Phuong Phuong's artifacts in Nam Phuong The Queen shows the Phoenix bird has five tails with five colors of five elements (pictured below the comment), while the image of the bird here only has 3 tails, proving that the shirt has a The way is much lower than Phuong's dress (does not exclude the possibility that the image on the shirt is Loan, instead of Phuong).

If so, we continue to have another interesting hypothesis as follows: Dong Khanh Dynasty, Hoang Quy did not use the same color as the Queen's coat, however, instead of wearing embroidered 5-tails like The Hau level only has 3 tails.

The Nguyen dynasty never had the rule of Empress Queen (refer to Thien Nam's article: https://goo.gl/7Hs3KS), so Hoang Quy Phi's regulations were based on the Empress but decreased by one rank. , Europe is also quite a reasonable thing with the special position of Hoang Quy in the interior.

However, it does not exclude the possibility that this shirt is owned by Tu Du Thai Hoang Thai Hau or Trang Y Hoang Thai Hau, and the image of the embroidery bird above is still Phuong bird. The second hypothesis is given: only Phuong embroider on Phuong plan, the most noble dress of the Hau level, with 5-tails embroidered, normal dress types shown with 3 tails.

This shirt is sewn in the form of Tac, not Phuong in the Dai dynasty, which is used in festivals that need solemnity. Coordinate with a belt or eel towel, do not go with the Phoenix and do not tie the belt.

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