Ancient Russian Orthodox Structure


Noticing this odd steeple arrangement while playing ball with the kids the other day, I decided to head inside to see what could be seen.

This building is using the surrounding apartments to keep it standing, it seems.


Amazing that services are still held here on weekends and still in Russian. The people there were friendly and I took way more photos than I can present here, but I will try to post the best ones.


A lot of what I saw both inside and out were of the structure.


The eight-foot-tall ceramic work to the right was just outside the building right near the date plaque above.


Near the door, there is a wall sculpture with a description of the church (left).

This is a Catholic Apostolic-Russian-Orthodox church with services on Saturdays and Sundays. I have not gone there to find out what the services are like, though I would not be opposed to it.


The interior preserves the raw brick walls and painted brick-arch ceiling. I am curious to find out what the acoustics are like when the grand piano springs to life.


What is not made of brick shines. The wood is brilliantly varnished and maintained. I was not able to get upstairs or see the inside of the dab-shaped steeples.

I hope you enjoyed what I was able to capture and present. This tourist attraction is located on the south side of San Telmo about a half-mile west of the river front in Buenos Aires.

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Here is another I could not really find a place for in the post.

2019-07-21 16.19.58.jpg

Hello how are you? how beautiful the place you have presented us today, I like to know my world even if it is through other eyes.
It would have been interesting to know how the service is, it catches my attention that you say orthodox Catholic. Regards


I just translated the sign in the picture, the Spanish part of it says that.
Thanks for stopping in and reading.

Hi @sponge-bob

Every culture to the country where they can reach, will always carry their customs with them,

If you know any Venezuelan in Argentina ask him about his arepa ..

It is something that happens always carry a piece of our country.

Greetings good photos.

Amazing photos, and awesome church!

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Hello @sponge-bob thank you once again, for what you share us.

Really beautiful photos, you gave yourself a real pleasure taking pictures like a paparazzi, but without clutter with all your calm.

The churches of before had a beautiful structure looked like castles.

I imagine you felt like a king, it's good that people gave you permission to take pictures, because there are places where it's not allowed.

And there are many Russians living there, as you say they give the service in Russian which is a somewhat strong language.

Thank you for the photos. When I go to Argentina someday but not as an emigrant but as a tourist I stop where to go.

Great to see that from inside great to explore something like that

This is one of the things I like most about steemit, that if it's virtual we travel, we know, we eat ha ha ha.
And we learn everything but we also have to share.
Very nice photos, what if the place is not so big I see a building next door as more ato.
And it has many buildings nearby.
How many photos did you take?




There are five or six that I did not post

Hi @sponge-bob

very beautiful pictures, very nice details

I live near there Bob! It really is a building beauty


I am not too far away. We should meet for coffee!

Beautiful place full of stories,@sponge-bob ", its old style gives you a lot of curiosity, thanks for sharing those photos that captured the essence of that church

Hello @sponge-bob, it really is very well taken care of and it looks spectacular, you can also notice that it has its many years there and for the time it has it is well taken care of. Thank you for sharing the images

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