Cuomo should face criticism over COVID deaths in nursing homes.

2개월 전


How is it that Cuomo is not the most despised man in New York?

Over one third of the fatalities are associated with nursing homes (LTC facilities). He forced them to admit residents/patients who had covid so that we wouldn't overwhelm hospitals. Finally, a week ago, Cuomo signed an executive order barring hospitals from sending infected patients back to nursing homes.

A couple of days ago, when asked about whether more should have been done to protect nursing homes residents, he said this:

“Older people, vulnerable people, are going to die from this virus. . . . That is going to happen. Despite whatever you do. . . People rationalize death in different ways. I don’t think there is any logical rationale to say they would be alive today.”

I think it is coarse and callous to simply say, "well, those people with comorbidities were going to die soon of something else anyway."

That's not a healthy way to look at this crisis.

That's the way socialist countries look at their sick and elderly. Socialist countries have always employed the statistical trick of making their country appear healthier than they are merely by allowing the sick people to die. That's like thinking you can make your country a happier place to live by killing off all the unhappy people.

That's not how we do it here in America. We spend a larger proportion of our incomes on health care, in part, because we value life more.

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