Curangel curation compilation March 15, 2020

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Curator @anggreklestari

How about a breakfast to stick-to-your-ribs - Oatmeal
Random Food Trips #2: Best buddies on a roll!
A Witch in my Garden: A Bug with Smoking (Hypselonotus Interruptus) // Una Bruja en mi Jardín: Un Bicho con Smoking (Hypselonotus Interruptus) // [EN][ES]
My Country Life - Massive Carrots + Strawberries and Garden Prep
Beef with caramelized zucchini // Step by step
Hot dogs// Recipe elaboration Step by step.
Kids Marching Band Snow Stomp!!
Grapthar's Daily Cat Photos! Caturday Photos of the Gang!
[PW#18] My Encounter Notes: Meet Again After 12 Years Separated
🌼 Frühlingsgefühle │ Spring fever 🦋
Corona shut down: The sound of silence
30.000 idr Brush Set? So Cheap!!!

Curator @ewkaw

no preview
We Ran Out of Venice, Now What?
Geniusz i prawda
O głosowaniu na witness'ów, konkursach na #polish i wiośnie na Korfu.
Curator Cat Says: It's Caturday... and it's PI DAY!
Watercolor Jolly Doggo 🐶🐾
Painting in blue [ Art process included ! ]
"The List-Ost Lighthouse of Sylt" - A Watercolor Painting (With Steps)

Curator @fmbs25

We don't fear challenges!
Two Years on Steem Blockchain || Some Words about my Journey
Sweet Fruit Dessert, Watermelon with Milk 🍉 🍉 🍉
Helados de Coco.
Vegan Ice Cream with fruits (ENG/ PT/ DE)

Curator @galenkp

What Does Decentralization Mean To Me: 100% Trust in all Aspects
Coronavirus Pandemonium: My experience thus far.
Challenging Myself to Walk Every Day, for 28 Days
church Sunday and health day

Curator @m31

Sea storm
Looking for Church (Original Photography)
Begin Again (Mandala Art)
Musical Projects And The Art Associated With Them

Curator @minismallholding

QOTW: With All the Craziness in the World How Do You Maintain Your Sanity?
No drama, good life - EcoTrain Question Of The Week!
The Making Do School of Not Being Able To Buy Groceries

Curator @nikv

Orchis pauciflora - flowers
Burled maple and Indian Rosewood Nugtray™
📷My Sublime and BeautifulSunday. Faith and hope of healing of evils📷
Meet an Fallen Angel
Portrait - Drawing Moss
Straight Line...A Short Film by @mariossap
Lost in the forest
insects macro #031520
Taking Care of the Little things
From simple tagging to large murals, street art is everywhere in Valparaiso. w/Street art video (Chile)
Short Street Art #62 Special Sticker ROC514 Flavor... Montreal (Canada)
Sublime Beautiful Sunday | Weekend walking turned out to be foodie

Curator @ritch

Art in drawing Realism in pencil. Portraying older adults... Arte en dibujo Realismo a lapiz. Retratando a los adultos mayores.
🌹 En la tercera parada hay que bajar 🌹/ Paso a paso + Materiales
Caricaturalzheimer Nº 6 (Español - English)
no preview
Pencils Portrait / Retrato a lapiz.
Cuento Corto | El negocio de las flores | [ESP/ENG] | The flower business
Sonic Groove Live Week 28 - Still Waters - Original
Cómo hacer una Mascarilla o Tapaboca (Tutorial)

Curator @ritxi

Once Upon A Time in Latin America (21) Easter Island. Sky pond and birdman
3 weeks in Mauritius. Part 2: Black River Gorges Park
Toulky s bíglem
Okolo Boleveckých rybníků
Být ve formě
Strach a panika (koronavirus neexistuje) finanční krize a kolaps (co se děje aneb není čeho se bát)
Sdílené automobily...
My Travel and Experience in Istanbul 2 - Blue Mosque

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