MAP Curated Resteems and Upvotes - 17 June 2018 - Free SBI Open Contest - Join MAP to be included in the future.

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Fresh resteems and upvotes from the Minnows Accelerator Project (MAP) of articles within the last couple of days.

I tend to concentrate on those that need some extra loving attention - and upvotes. Many more MAP members are doing very well indeed without my extra nudge!

Also, please check out the new MAP Rewarder fund - rewarding delegators and mapsters with passive income and free upvotes!

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Before moving on to the curated posts...

Open Contest: prize 1 SBI share

This is open to everyone - you don't have to be a MAP member.

Announcement 1

This may sound complicated, but it isn't! There is one SBI (Steem Basic Income) share that will be given out for free. To be eligible, you must:

  • go to one or more of the posts below
  • make a meaningful comment on your favourite post (or posts)
  • then, come back here and post a comment about which is your favourite article

Benefits to you:

  • I shall upvote this post within 24 hours, giving you all the chance to earn some higher curation rewards for your upvote; time it right and you can earn back more than your upvote!

  • I shall, on day 7, pick one article below randomly and check who has done all the tasks above. Then I shall randomly select one person who shall receive the 1 SBI, absolutely free!

I said it wasn't complicated!

One thing, all authors listed below may also join in the fun, but please upvote an article from another Steemian!

Do you have to upvote this post? Only if you wish.

Do you have to resteem this post? Only if you wish!

Announcement 2

Announcement 1 may change for each new MAP post! The good news is that there will continue to be 1 SBI given out.

So make sure you read each post from @accelerator.

And another thing...

I have made a slight change to the way upvotes and resteems work; this is really to make it clear when people are following either the posts, the Mapster curated posts or the MAP Rewarder income trail.

From now on, upvotes will come from the @rycharde account (as do new Mapster upvotes) and resteems from @accelerator. I shall soon post on the difference between following posts versus trails. The actual dollar value of the upvotes will remain the same as before.

Today's selection:

Do Parents Stereotype Their Children's Gender?

100th 'Traveling the World' Blog on Steemit - Milestone!

Photos From Our Wedding Anniversary - Solavellan Cosplay (Dragon Age: Inquisition)

Off Track - Wedding Photo of the Day #125

The conspiracy, a short story of fiction.

My Friend Anna : 5 Minute Freewrite : Abyni

Adventure. Solo trekking to Khao Chang Puak. The Albino Elephant Mountain. Thailand (+Drone video)

And some notable resteems from MAP members and admin:

My Lucid Dreaming Journey Day 71 - Almost Became Lucid...

Climbing the First Limb of the Eight Limbs of Yoga: The Yamas and Niyamas: Ahimsa

That's all for now!

- - - - - -
Please Comment, Resteem and Upvote. Thanks!

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Well... considering only 2 people completed the tasks, I don't really need to crank up a randomiser - a handy coin will do the trick.

And the winner is... @alexander.alexis

An SBI share is on its way!

I'm torn between The conspiracy, a short story of fiction, and Adventure. Solo trekking to Khao Chang Puak. The Albino Elephant Mountain. Thailand (+Drone video). The latter probably took more effort and far more hours to make, and the former just grabs you, tickles the imagination and feelings in all the right places, and sticks with you.


Let's go with the first. It engages the emotions more, and is more disturbing.

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I think is a very good initiative for that users who want make a difference here....keep going on :)

You have done an excellent job, thank you @accelerator

Those are some cool pics in the wedding topic.