The @adsup Account will also be curating with Tribes and Tokens.



The number one reason for this account is Community Support. As well as curating with Steem we are starting to buy Tribe tokens as well.

Each week I will be adding a few of our Favorite Tribes so as we are curating we are supporting the Tribes and the Tribe Members as well.

We are very hopeful that curated communities will bring interest back to Steem and make the user experience more enjoyable.

@ADSup is a division of @ADSactly

Tell me about your favorite Tribes below...

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The first tribe Palnet (minnowsupportproject) is my favourite being the one who always supported since my starting days I never it's frontend but often use them as my hashtags..but lately I get into CCC ( Creative Coin) after their airdrop to the existing regular users...joining the discord I get to know of their art & photography model and started to use the hashtags....still in early tribe world

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