Lets talk curation

2년 전

In the previous hard fork curation was a joke but now it is the new 0 min circle jerk vote.

What is different?

  • % of vote before 15 minutes is burned
  • That % goes back to the reward pool
  • Authors can only get 75% rewards now
  • curators get 25% split between everyone

So with that said an ideal scenario is that you are the first voter at 15 minutes and you get the most rewards. Not gonna happen. You will have people that are just upvoting their favorite authors and you will also have people line jumping that is ok with burning some rewards in exchange for a better place in line. It is up to you to do your research on if you are trying to make curation off of a certain author like haejin and you will have to precisely time your vote. Also, your cut of the curation rewards also hinges on your vote power
If you have a 100 sp account and vote exactly when a 200 sp account votes he will get twice as much. also if you have an account with 1000 sp and have run your mana down to 50% you are now voting just like a 500 sp account would at 100% mana so watch your bars.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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