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Thank you @clayboyn for featuring me here, it means a lot. Congrats to all the other Steemians featured I will be checking out all the other post.

Thanks so much mate. It’s an honour to be included in this damn fine list of authors. I hope whomever reads my post gets the message about the impermanence of life and that we must live life to the fullest right now.

Now I can’t wait to dive in to these posts.
Blissful blessings and smiles
in joy


Awesome post dude!

As your resident columnist, I thank you @clayboyn for this week's feature. NO PRESSURE YEAH??? x'D I also enjoyed @ashleykalila's post thoroughly! I've been away for a bit, but the theme of self love will remain a key point of development in the ongoing weeks.

A big congrats to the other authors, and a huge thank you to @clayboyn and @minnowsupport :D


Self love is key! :)


Well worth the challenge I believe!



I always appreciate your support, @clayboyn. Thanks for selecting me once again!

Thanks for the mention!

It is an honour 🌺


It's an awesome post and I'm glad I caught it!

love to read it..

Congrats for the featured authors...
Hope we all can learn about many valuable insights from their posts....❤☕

I also write about philosophy, arts and literature, dear my friend @clayboyn...
Would you please check my post below about philosophy (in art & liteature):

Or would you please feel free to visit my Steemit blog... hope you like it...☕❤

Have a lovely day, dear friend @clayboyn...And hope you always healthy and happy there...🤗❤