Steemit Sports Betting Curation February

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As a way to support the Sports Betting community here on Steemit, I will be making a monthly curation list and use 10%-20% of my daily voting power for auto-upvotes using Steemvoter.

Right now this is more something of an experiment similar to how I tried making an #upvotemybets tag a couple months ago which quickly ended up not working out. There is no guarantee this curation list idea will last or it may evolve in some kind of Steemit Sports Betting Group that gives eachother support over time.

February Sports Betting Blogs

He's a friend of mine and we go quite some time back when we both were a member of the propunters private betting forum. I kind of re-introduced him to crypto and got him onto Steemit. He's got a very good understand of betting and covers German and Austrian Leagues.


He was one of the first who gave me big support here on Steemit and has also been supporting other sports bettors on Steemit with upvotes and resteems. He has been covering racing bets and has also been posting his American Football sides during the NFL season.


A sports trader who posts weekly Premier League Goal Expectancies and bets. He also had a nice Superbowl Analisis and hit the outright underdog winner. It is usually a good indication when outright higher odds underdog moneyline bets are being taking.


He is the kind of Steemit member I highly value as he is very active in the community and always up for meaningfull comments and supports the ones he follows. He has been posting his NBA and NFL bets with good results so far.


He is new on Steemit and has been posting previews on the Spanish La Liga. His posts are original content and a lot of effort is put into it with a very clean layout and pictures which makes it all very reader friendly.


He is also new on steemit and is posting daily bets in a proper way with flat stakes and higher odds while keeping track of stats weekly. It's always nice to see newer members who are active in the community and looking to grow on this platform.


He joined in december and posted his NBA bets in a very consistent way. Last few weeks it seems like he stopped posting, but I keep him on my list in case he returns to steemit.


Steemvoter Sports Bettors List

AccountFollowersPostsRepSPUpvote %

This list is a work in progress and upvote percentages will likely decrease as more sports bettors are being added over time. They can also be changed up or down depending on amount of posts and so. The things I try to look at in Sports Betting Related Blogs are all explained in this post.

  • Longer term commitment on Steemit is one of the most important.
    Most members start on steemit with the wrong intentions and end up leaving after a while which makes it much more difficult to systematically support new members. Anyone who puts effort into growing on this platform by being active in the community while powering up what they earn from posts or win in contests is much more likely to work out in the long run. I inted to do this monthly and keep looking out for new people to add. I might make a monthly contest out of it which rewards the member on the list that managed to grow the most based on the stats.

I'm sure there are plenty Sports Bettors I overlooked
I will do my best to keep an eye out and suggestions are always welcome.

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I think you have a typo on your list. It's @braveboat not @braveboad.


Thanks! corrected


Thanks, @johntims! Typos are my specialty lol.

I end up rereading my posts days later, cringing, and correcting them, even though no one is likely to ever see those corrections. Ha!

Wow! I am both honored and grateful, @costanza!

Of all the sports bettors that I follow here on Steemit, you have had the most influence upon me. I have tidied up my posting format, thought more deeply about bankroll mgmt., and have vastly improved my record keeping, all because of your professional approach to these aspects. (I still have much more to work on...) I am grateful for this and for your ongoing support.

The NBA is on break now, so I'll be posting a bit about my approach, my record keeping, and what I have been thinking about for the near future (namely MLB) while there aren't any games running.

Again, thank you. I look forward to learning more and supporting you in return.



Thanks braveboat!
It's nice to hear the content in my blog helps out.

Thanks very much for the mention @costanza! I have resteemed, and followed the others on the list (that I didn't already follow).

Hopefully this will also encourage me to post more often, as I currently average only 1-2 posts per week.


I have followed you, sir. If you make @costanza's list, you make mine!

Glad to see you on the list @braveboat! Good list to have. I will definitely check out those that I haven't seen before, which is most of them, haha.


Thank you, @boatsports90! I am truly honored! I appreciate your support and humor!

You already supported my posts. As a tennis player and fan, I started to post my bets on Tennis. I want to share my analyses. For those who follow my posts, don't hesitate to make your remarks, advices, about the content, or what you would like to see in the posts, etc...

I am just starting and would like to improve my posts 😜

By the way great post, I will add all the betting accounts you put in your post because I bet a lot^^


I added you for 2% auto-upvotes, and will list you in next months report in case you are still around.
It's really hard to get things going on steemit without putting quite some effort into it or when starting out with a wrong mindset. I started myself as a combination to understand how steem works as a cryptocurrency and to help myself stay sharp in my betting. It was only afterwards that making it into a small scource of income came into play. Growing the sports betting community in the end is also in my own benefit. It would be nice to have some kind of support group over time to help this community on steemit grow.

I love what you’re doing I find it hard how to figure out what to post... as I love sport betting, travels, food all sorts of stuff and hard to not flood your page with just one of those and keep supporters who aren’t interested in it haha.. the struggle.


Indeed, it's also something I struggle with and many others steem to aswel. I would love to write about other topics (health, psychology, food,...) but it doesn't make any sense. I like the feed system but it's extremely inefficient right now as there is no way to filter out all the unrelated content I really don't care about personally (photo challenges, meme challenges,...)

I've though about making a 2nd account for more personal developement related topic and I would love to do it, but a lack of time makes me stick to just sports betting.


I know a lot of people lately have been making second accounts but I already find it hard enough to do everything on just 1.

But yeah the filter search defInitely doesn’t help much with that.

It can be better just sticking to one topic though as your followers are following you for that’s purpose and know what they’re getting every time.


As you know, I've been thinking about this - creating a second account just for sports related content - for a while now. I think I'm going to wait until I reach 500 SP and the Slider before dividing my attention. Achieving the slider is my primary focus as I'd really like to support many more Steemians than 20 votes a day can...


I think that’s the best idea that way it’s easier to divide votes to more steemians! Looking forward to the slider haha!

As you know my start on steemit was a mess. Separate post for each tip, bad formating,...

Your help and suggestions for improvements were instrumental not only in streamlining my posts, but also in my decision to take this community seriously and try to do better. Thank you.

For the new sport bettors here this should be your starting point:

Getting Started on Steemit (Sports Bettors Edition)


Thanks !

Nice to see your are finding your way here on Steemit.
Best tip I could give right now is to play along in some of the contest that are being hosted on Steemit and use everything you win to power up. It can really add up over time and make you grow a lot faster. See [1] [2]

Good luck !


Thanks for the tip!

Could we be added? We post lots of full-article NBA bets, and sometimes even the NFL if we have a different perspective which can be exploited. We also do a rare deeper-analysis on certain things we're seeing in the NBA (and sometimes NFL), here's our latest on the Orlando Magic.. as a sample of our writing style.

Here is our best piece, on the Super Bowl champions (with the correct pick too)...

Here's an example of our bet picks, and the support for the bet...

and a piece about one of our favorite GMs in sports...

But we'd love to be included in your group, and think it wouldn't be that difficult to track our picks.


Right now your self-upvoting is excessively high around 60% which is something I can't really get behind. The main idea is to help Steemit grow as a platform in the longer run which makes it much more appealing to add accounts with a giving mindset.

I hope the feedback helps.


Yep, didn't know anyone cared about that. Mostly it's to get higher in comments so authors get to read comments. We will change that immediately. Thanks-- we had no idea. Also we've never stopped from up voting stuff we like. If there was more great content we wouldn't be able to upvote our own stuff so much. But we'll go cold turkey if our self up voting has been turning away people.

We r big fans of Braveboat, Tims, Prometheus, and just about anyone who posts regularly about basketball and makes us think.

No matter what tho, we will never be sycophants and suckups to articles we don't like simply to gain a following. So while we may have erred in the past-- he who have not sinned cast the first stone. In other words, we have a much higher tolerance for self voting than for the sin of self-importance bc authors overvalue their own writing bc they have a lot of upvoting power and people suckup to them.

Also, our daily routine involves going to "new" and upvoting non-sports articles we like-- whether by newbs or seasoned vets as long as the effort is there.

So we will change based on your comment, but are hurt that we are judged on one thing. It's tough for Minnows to get readers and you can't be too hard on those willing to promote their own material. You prolly don't like us, but remember all this when turning nose at others who are just trying to "get read". Nothing harder than putting in the effort and hearing crickets, then you read some effortless crud and the author gets 30 upvotes.

We think our content stands on its own and should be judged on on just its merits. We write full unique analysis on games or we don't write at all. We pay close attention to bet size management.

If you and your readers aren't into that so be it. We will continue blasting our best content into a reader vacuum then.

We also scrub our "followers". When we encounter what's obviously a BS follow (easy to see when the follower is following thousands of steemers and we struggle just following in the dozens) we go and mute them. Do you do that? We admit we don't do it often enough, but one only has so much time. Hint: if "a-a-a" is one of your followers and remains "unmuted", you've never scrubbed.

Also, you self-voted this article and are the 2nd-highest valued upvoter on it. ... cast the first stone.


By the way it's a cool chart, where do you get that? Look at that RAINBOW of diversity we've upvoted. This RoundBallsDeep group really spreads it around.


You can click the picture and your will go to the website that shows voting behavior

The self-upvoting comments is something that really gives an instant bad impression on Steemit. Nice to read you are more aware of it now. I'm with you on how extremely short posts with no effort often get overly upvote on steemit. People have a short attention span and too long articles regardless on how much time has been put into don't seem to work very well on this platform unless you have a strong following. I plan on making a post on how to get more regular upvotes which might help. I'm following

Good Luck


Too-long songs like Jane's "3 Days" never got time on the radio, but it's one of the best songs ever written. Same goes for other long-plays. Should the artists NOT have written them bc they couldn't make near-term money on the radio? We think not. Our posts will be as long as need be, and any GOOD artist will tell you the same about the size of their art. Some artists die without fame or fortune, and this happens for a reason which may not be "logical" or "best game theory". While we certainly don't compare our writing on BASKETBALL of all things to be "art", we are of the opinion that ANYTHING one does should be done the right way, which is to say, the best way one can achieve at the moment.

our upvotes are worth a penny or less, by the way. We aren't living in Indonesia, the money so far means ZERO, it's ALL about getting REAL readers for us. The betting is a separate money-making project, but it allows us to focus on the practise of writing, which like music, requires time-in-service to get good.

We'd rather have 20 GREAT readers and make $10 per article, than 2,000 sycophants and make $2,000 per article. But that's just us.

But we DO believe in marketing, so our if our "comments-self-upvoting" is turning off more potential long-readers (Longreads is one of our favorite Twitter follows, even if we don't agree with the politics) than is being gained from putting our shingle out in as many places as possible, than we will thank you for the valuable lesson. But until then, we remain injured from this attack on what we think as a "lesser crime" of simply trying to get read.


also, short is good, it's not the shortness of posts earning lots of attention that bugs us, it's the 0% quality of most of them. Steemit has a LOT of work to do if it hopes to not be "googled" out of existence.

click what picture? If we click your icon-picture nothing happens.

you create a great information......i like it.....i waiting for your next post....i wish for your best of luck brother

Hanjeut meu judi hai apa @costanza .
Hareum nyan dosa keuh entek ,hana ye keuh dosa?