Curie Author Showcase (March 29th, 2018)

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Featured Author: @vadimlasca
Sndbox Summer Camp Photography/Filmmaking - Task 2 (Ori)

Images used with permission from @vadimlasca

Venezuelan filmmaker @vadimlasca has a beautiful daughter named Oriana (Ori). He posted previously about her skin condition called vitiligo. In this video Ori tells her own story in a strong, vibrant and self-aware voice. Ori wrote the script and did the voice acting, giving us the perfect description of vitiligo: It is something that makes me look unique and different.

Music by @vadimlasca's brother Chapis Lasca provides uplifting accompaniment to the original footage, which is skillfully edited to bring Oriana's words to life. The quality in every facet of this video production is as high as I have ever seen posted on Steem blockchain:

As filmmaker I am better with images than words, but I will try to make a brief review of who I am. I was born in Moscow, Russia, 42 years ago. Son of a Venezuelan female singer and an Uruguayan violinist. When the time came to decide a career, it was clear that I should continue with the artistic theme. At that time I thought it would still be music, but as a parallel career I decided to study Filmmaking, to have the tools to film my own music videos... and the day I stepped on the film school I forgot the music, I decided that this should be my career and my life.

Featured Author: @gokhan83kurt
Schrödinger's Biggest Cat: "Quantum In Real Life"

Fractal By Varsha, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons
Images used with permission from @gokhan83kurt

@gokhan83kurt tackles an ambitious topic, first providing a background overview of quantum mechanics and a discussion of the challenges of observing quantum effects at the macro (non-atomic) level, then reviewing a recent experimental approach that did succeed in producing a quantum state (oscillating and not oscillating at the same time) in a super-cooled strip of resonating metal.

This is well researched and thorough, and the copious illustrations and diagrams are very helpful in understanding the material. This isn't a light read but it is well worth your time:

I am Physics Engineer in Turkey. And I am very interested in science and technology since my childhood. I am keen on playin' guitar and drums due to my interest in rock and metal music. I love gardening and plants especially palm trees. I also love to make charcoal drawings and some animations.

Featured Author: @the-beard
Homemade Blood - A tutorial for renegade filmmakers!

Images used with permission from @the-beard

And now for something completely different. If you have ever wanted to cover yourself and your kitchen in blood, without hurting yourself or anyone else, you will definitely want to watch this video! @the-beard gives us an original recipe for special effects blood and some great deadpan humor. Even if you don't personally have a need for fake blood in your life, this is a hilarious watch that is well worth your time. Although maybe not if you are super squeamish, I suppose :)

My name is Valerio. I’m 33 years old and I live in Switzerland. I’m a live TV director with a passion for cinema. I have a wife, two kids, one dog, two cats and not enough hours to cultivate all my interests. My blog will be mainly about art projects that involve practical effects. I’m currently working on a miniature model of a city made with junk. The goal is to create a miniature city reminiscent of Blade Runner.
I have also started a series of weekly gifs where I kill myself trying to exorcise the hipster that is in me. It’s supposed to be funny :) but I realize as I write this that it sounds very dark.
Hmm, no that sounds like good wholesome fun to me. You should definitely check out the latest hipster sacrifice as well and remember to leave your suggestion in the comments for an upcoming hipster death!

Featured Author: @evostruct
Art Explosion | Beyond Imagination

Images used with permission from @evostruct

@evostruct has for some time been creating sculptures of wire, bent and joined in such a way that they form 3-dimensional shapes which can also be easily folded and compressed to take on a flat shape (reminiscent of a fractal mandala). His earlier posting has explored many variations of a family of wire sculptures that share similar characteristics in terms of the base shape they can be folded down into. Inspired by the #artexplosion contest week 33 theme "Surreal", he started with one of his wire sculptures, folded it down, illuminated it with colored lights and took pictures of it to use as the basis of a new work of art. After digitally manipulating one of the photos he printed it and then used spray paint and the original scupture as a (negative space) stencil to layer color on top of the print, with layers of clear laquer between layers of spray paint.

If this sounds like a complicated process, I am actually seriously abbreviating it here. I am not doing what really happened any kind of justice, this post is an amazing combination of philosophical ramblings on the nature of creativity and the surreal, detailed art process explanation, and a series of process pics that are each one works of art by themselves. You have to experience this for yourself to understand:

You know, the way I develop those structures and shapes and maybe even whatever I do could be called some kind of artistic research. Actually, I mainly work on transformable sculptures and looking for dynamic potential to keep generating unexpected side-effects that would likely lead to new functions. This post now illustrates quite well how the basic methodological approach is continuously evolving and not at all related to only one of various fields that are separated. If anything, they are being linked together. So I also keep connecting it to traveling: There are different kinds of focus, like for example where you go to and what you see. Now you could let wherever you go to limit what you can see – but you can also turn that around and let whatever you see define where you go to. If you keep doing so you will for sure end up at places you could never imagine.

Featured Author: @edward.demin
The most spectacular religion rite on Bali (video)!

Images used with permission from @edward.demin

There is no text to digest, no voice-over to listen to. @edward.demin serves up footage of the Balinese Ogoh-Ogoh parade, artfully plated with carefully selected music, and you do not need anything else to be satiated. This is a master chef at work - the video editing is really creative, the pans and cuts dancing back and forth with a frenetic energy that heightens the already surreal (almost hyper-real) imagery of the giant demons floating above the crowded streets:

After you watch the video, make sure to check out the accompanying post of photography from the parade (the image above is from this post).

Here's my manifest for Steemit: I dedicate my life to creation: video and photo content. I promise to share what I produce, and constantly try to improve quality of my work. No more alcohol - I need as much health to fulfill my goals. Instead of alcohol I choice sport - investment to physical and mental health (sometimes I'll post photo and video of me, one of my goals is to become an actor). I appreciate any fair criticism of my work - it's the only way to grow up.

This Curie Author Showcase was written by Curie community representative @carlgnash with input from other Curie curators and reviewers. Author permission was sought and obtained from all authors featured in this showcase. All works the copyright of their respective authors and used with permission.

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Is such an honor to be in this Curie Author Showcase! Thank you all, thank you Carl!!


Same here! Thank you @curie, @carlgnash and all those creators that have or haven't been found yet!


You obviously had a great subject here, and a great actor, but your skill in shooting and assembling this is undeniable. Such an awesome, heartlifting video. Proud to call you a friend. Much love - Carl


Thanks @evostruct, I have been super impressed with your posting (and not just this featured post), I really love the directions your artistic exploration is taking you! You rock :) Much love - Carl

Thanks again Carl!
The requests for my death have already started to come in 😄


Yeah, is this one of those situations where I should be glad or I shouldn't be?!? Death by hipster pants (too tight)!


It sounds weird but I’m actually excited to see strangers suggest ways to kill myself : )
And, of course, the sacrifice that you requested will be carried out in the next weeks. With pleasure : )


Oh cool glad to see @lilycampbell stopped by your post and suggested a few ways that she would like to see you die. She is a friend of mine "in real life" and lives in Portland, Oregon which is pretty much Hipster City, USA.


Well that explains why @lilycampbell was so prolific in exposing ways to see me die. She probably had thought of killing a few already. Hopefully the Hipster Sacrifice Series will provide some relief.


@carlgnash and @the-beard you are both so right- it was admittedly very easy for me to come up with a list off hand.

I have to watch who I am around when I talk about my feelings on hipsters. They’re everywhere.

Also Carl- great find :) His content is great!

@the-beard Homemade blood???

Dude you helped me a lot! thank you very much.

I wanted to fix my own "blood" because I an director and photographer in a small horror movie. Thank you once again


No problem man. Glad you liked it.
More tutorials will come : )

Always something cool to learn, experience or ponder when the curie post hits my feed. Can't say that I was expecting a sort of microdocumentary on vitiligo though, interesting! What a heartwarming tale and shot so well! Good work :)

Not my first exposure to vitiligo though. I remember learning about Winnie at some point last year and I thought, "Wow, how unique, how beautiful! People spend ridiculous amounts of money tatooing their entire bodies just to arrive as something sort-of unique. This woman was lucky enough to be born with such an amazingly unique look." Pretty cool stuff!


Yes exactly, she is a great role model (and regular model!), unique and different does not equal ugly. I am glad you enjoyed it, what a beautifully shot and assembled, uplifting short video. Happy to see your comment here :) Much love - Carl

I am happy for @edward.demin His videos are great. Finally getting recognition here.


Yeah I quite enjoyed that video and looking back through his blog history, lots of good stuff


I met him from . When I started seeing his works I was surprised, but very low votes were there. Thanks @curie team . You guys are doing a real job in recognizing original content creators

Proud I feel to see a Venezuelan among those named post. Greetings to all the participants and in good time

Every one of the authors here is brilliant. Thanks to all of you for adding such valuable content to the blockchain.

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woowww .. we shared the perfect artists with us. I'm lucky to see them! I will follow them immediately. Your curator is making excellent progress. I see that they really work right. Thank you. Maybe one day you will have the chance to check my work. I would be happy if you appreciate my art!

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very good post friend, congratulations to the featured authors! Excellent

I most especially love the post about quantum mechanics and I'll surely make sure I check it out. Thank you @curie for the amazingly curation.

I just received my first curie upvote, so decided to look on steemit to see what that meant for me. That's how I discovered this article. I hope to make this list one day! Thank you for sharing.


congrats on the curie vote :) Means you are doing something right!

Really a pretty girl despite her skin disease
This girl wants to become like her father
I wish healing to our beautiful child


Yes she is beautiful inside and out

@curie, you're where it's at! keep it up.


its some great project..its great to post the better post of steemit togheter..;greetings

Fantastic and interesting post friend thanks for the contribution congratulations

mungkin kedepannya saya bisa masuk nominasi

Hello @curie and @donkeypong. Is Kachin,trained curator? May be he used to. Now he is abusing all myanmar steemit users. There are many qualify content writers in steemit but he didn't care nor support them. Giving votes from cure's curation trial to unappropriate users espicially his family members and closed friends only. Is his guideline for Myanmar community still appropriate? Is his system still trusted? Yup its all on paper.Futhermore, please check this

You have a talent for steemit

Damn its dream to be featuring out here

Hola felicitaciones a los autores, y @currie por su apoyo.

I do not understand how to use steam-auto, can you explain a little how a car using steam-auto


Sure, you can visit and watch the short video on the homepage. Short version though is click the login/register button and follow the steps to create/register your account. Once you are logged in, click on curation trail if you want to automatically vote on posts that a curator/curation trail votes on - e.g. if you want to support Cu rie, click on curation trail, locate Curie near the top of the list (see below) and click "follow" - you can leave all the settings as default, or adjust them if you want. Cheers - Carl

Awesome post! I invite you to visit our blog and vote us back! And of course to enjoy our content :)

they are amazingly creative, thank for showing this @curie

I don't know much about art, but what u shared really impressed me. It open my eyes to more appropriate all the hard work.