Curie Author Showcase (September 18, 2018)

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Featured Author: @thetroublenotes
Troubel Cover: Ed Sheeran's "Shape of Your"
from the gallery of Dominique Malabry

Images property of @thetroublenotes

We start off today's Author Showcase with a great instrumental version of the popular Ed Sheeran song, "Shape of You" by @thetroublenotes. I love their overall sound. It is great how the violin takes center stage with the guitar as the accompaniment, and any time I see someone playing the drums with their hands I am impressed. I am a little curious as to why the guitar player was hidden away under the stairs.

I hope you are as impressed by this one as I am, obviously the dog wasn't!

Be sure to visit their newest post playing live on the street in Italy where they attracted a rather large crowd. A crowd that included a few young dancers who were also more impressed than the dog was.

Go watch the band play Shape of You

Featured Author: @christutorials
Animated 2D Door Open Close on Trigger
Unity Tutorial with Example / Scripts

Images property of @christutorials

This next post shows us what a wide array of talented people we have here on the Steem Blockchain. Sure there are lots of gamers out there talking about, reviewing, or even streaming games, but there are also talented game designers out there.

@christutorials not only makes this great game animation, but gives a thorough tutorial on how any aspiring game designer could also make the animation for a game. They even link to the software needed to create this 2D door open/close animation. Makes me think it is something even I could do - which is of course the best thing you can say about any tutorial.

Go let @christutorials teach you how to make this animation.

Featured Author: @phoenix32
Transformers - The Matrix of Leadership, Dark Awakening,
and the Return of Optimus Prime

Images property of @phoenix32

Growing up in the 1980s it was hard to not watch and like The Transformers. That is why when I came across this post by @phoenix32 I loved it! They talk about the classic version of the cartoon and pop culture phenomenon, as well as the direction the franchise has gone since the 80s, and right up until today. Yes they are still going as strong as ever.

I really was surprised the first time I saw a large section of a toy vendor's booth dedicated to just the robots in disguise at some of the comic cons we do. It turns out that vendor is an expert and does panels on the history of the franchise. Which lends to the topic of this post - in many circles there truly is a sort of cult like following for Optimus Prime and the other guys and to this very day there is still more than meets the eye.

Go read this in-depth look at the history of The Transformers

Featured Author: @coloneljethro
Tutorial Tuesday--The Colonel Talks Filters

Images property of @coloneljethro

Next up we have another great tutorial. This time it is all about cameras and using filters to help capture that perfect photo. Author and photographer @coloneljethro walks us through a number of different circular polarizers and neutral density filters and explains what they do. A great post for aspiring amateur photographers.

@coloneljethro shared the following with us -

Having grown up in the country I've always had a fondness for being outside so it was a bit of a eureka moment when I realized I could combine that with my love of photography and travel. Some days I can't decide whether I take photos for a living or live to take photos. I took my first digital photo with a camera that saved to a 3.5" floppy disk, both the technology and (I hope) my skills have improved a bit since then. Steemit has definitely helped me to learn and grow as a photographer so I thought it only proper I return the favor.

Go learn about camera filters with The Colonel

Sometimes there is just so much amazing unique, and interesting art from the talented artists here on the platform that I just have to share it ALL! That is why this week's Author Showcase features seven posts instead of the normal five. I wanted to share all three of these following artist's work.

Featured Author: @montiljo
My new painting /oil on canvas 90 x 120 cm/ step by step/ original content

Images property of @montiljo

This first one from @montiljo has so much going on, but yet staring at it can be so tranquil. I love the colors and all of the details. If you can, open the photo in a new tab and zoom in just to get the full effect of how much detail is actually in this piece.

Go get a closer look at this amazing piece by @montiljo.

Featured Author: @sanderjansenart
Sundance in Shroomland (collaboration)

Images property of @sanderjansenart

This next one is another you will have to view larger and zoomed in just to take in all that is going on. This artist is constantly producing unique and sometimes strange looking art. What makes this piece even more amazing is the fact that it is a collaboration between @sanderjansenart and another artist named Katie Suponch. It seems Katie painted the bottom portion of the painting, covered it up and then sent it over to @sanderjansenart to finish. Without ever seeing the already finished portion they added their own style to the top of the painting, and the finished work came together perfectly.

Go take a closer look at Sundance in Shroomland (collaboration)

Featured Author: @mister-omortson
🎨 Mythology or fairy tales?

Images property of @mister-omortson

We finish up this week's Author Showcase with a piece of art that has an interesting concept behind it. Artist @mister-omortson is mixing mythology with fairy tale. This piece features a Russian prince that is a mythological hero who is searching for a dragon ally. To his dismay he only finds a strange caterpillar, and Humpty Dumpty.

I really am interested to see more works using this same concept.

Go see all the details of this genre crossing artwork.

This Curie Author Showcase was written by Curie Curator @randomwanderings (Gene) at times with input from other Curie curators and reviewers. All images and quoted texts are the copyright of their respective authors.

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