DGI Milestone Reaching 10K SP

3년 전

10,000+ STEEMPower

250+ Plankton & Minnow Daily Upvote Value at $0.10

@dynamicsteemians curation trail curator

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As you can see from this screen shot taken from http://steemworld.org/@dynamicrypto/ we have reached 10,000 STEEM Power and are upvoting our Plankton & Minnows with a daily $0.10 upvote.

SteemWorld ~ @dgi - Google Chrome 10_3_2018 9_07_25 PM.png

No need for an upvote this is just congratulations for Plankton & Minnows, if you would like to help consider delegating to @dgi as you will be rewarded with very profitable upvotes if your content is scrumptious.

We would also like to remind you to visit @qurator who is joining us to support minnows and our largest delegating supporter.

  • @marrianewest is also pictured above being upvoted as one of the members, her content is a shining example of what we support on Steemit.com in a content creator, please take a moment and go visit her profile and if you find her interesting give a follow.

Thanks for your time & consideration.

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It's great to see the right people growing. The ones who are adding to our community like yourself and creating good projects for the rest of us to grow. Congrats on the 10k SP and hopefully i will join that elite group at some stage as well.


I am far from elite my friend, together we will grow.


You would be in the top 1% of accounts here probably top 0.2%. I'm going to say that's fairly elite. Especially when we have $100 steem. Then you will be rich and elite. 😎

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Crossing my fingers!


I think we all are.

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hi @dynamicrypto

I guess ... congratulatz! :)


Thanks lol

@dynamicrypto, Really congratulations brother and i am really happy that @dgi reached to the 10k SP and hope and wish that this growth will be continued and most importantly you've put and you are putting efforts to bring out good and it's really an appreciable aspect.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


Thank you friend


Welcome. 🙂

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