The Fiber Ramble - July 10

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Hi all! I hope this Ramble finds you well.

Things have really slowed down on the platform so I'm happy to see quality posts still coming out! Thank you for that.

There's a new show in town: Curation Corner

Here is what the show is about:

Manual curation, people seeking out quality posts and sharing them with others, plays an important part in bringing to light good content creators who are often overlooked in the sea of posts on the platform. What does it take to produce a post which will get the attention of the curators? @artemisnorth and @shadowspub, along with their guests, will discuss posts they have currently curated and what factors in the post contributed to them getting notice.

Come and join us Tuesdays at 2pm EDT / 6pm UTC

The show will be broadcast live on DLive. Follow us at to receive notices as soon as we go live.

Also, congrats the #needleworkmonday community for earning two Curie's! You people are amazing! If you are a needleworker and haven't discovered the #needleworkmonday crew check them out. They post on Mondays using the #needleworkmonday tag and are probably one of the most supportive communities on the platform.

Onward to today’s rambling

Ultimate Crochet Contest

@foxyspirit and @anjkara are starting another round of the #ultimatecrochet contest. To enter simply write a blog post about your crochet work. Sounds pretty sweet doesn't it? Everyone wins. Go read the post for more details.

A monument for women artist - artexplosion and needleworkmonday combo

In this post @neumannsalva uses her artistic skills to help crush the stereotypes associated with needle arts. Her post is not only thought provoking but it's certainly eye opening. She has helped me to understand exactly why our arts are so undervalued but also provides hope that these views are changing. Beautiful post @neumannsalva! Thank you.

Colorchallenge SaturdayIndigo + Frichallenge Tea Bag Creations!

Re-using the paper from her teabags @frejafri beautifully draws and paints an Indigo Bunting. What an amazing way to recycle. Her work is striking and she even throws in a little education. Fabulous post @frejafri!

Pictures of wool in felting technique

I thought I'd seen it all but @singa has shown a form of dry needle felting that opens my eyes to new techniques. I envy artists who can draw and paint but I've never had that ability. Maybe needle felting a "painting" could be my outlet? The work in this exhibit is so impressive and preserved under glass for many to enjoy. Thank you @singa!

Embroidering a simple design

@cryptocariad's talents are far from simple. She has an eye for design! Her inspiration was taken from the shadow of a common weed, goose grass, which she sketched to create her embroidery design. I'm not surprised that a similar creation was featured in a magazine by a designer who loved the simplicity of goose weed too! Read about that in her post here where she tells us the rest of the story. I can't wait to see what she does next! You're a star @cryptocarid!

Expired & Exposed: Svema Foto 65

I don't typically curate photography posts but when I saw @hobotang's at the Creatives' Coffee Hour I couldn't help myself. Photographers who use actual film are rare these days and have to be very creative just to obtain their tools let alone process their films. His results, while he had no control over the end result, are STRIKING! I feel that his ability to set up the shot created the base for the magic that happened. Beautiful work @hobotang!

Hand-painted T-shirt. A falling strawberry. My detailed creative process

Don't you love finding a post that shows you how to create a work of art? @kleonella delivers with this post. Her photos are detailed and her process is organized. It's empowering. Thank you @kleonella!

Mirror made with egg carton.

Living in Venezuela @carolinacardoza finds she has to make do with what she has on hand and she is very talented! I love the way she always shares little tidbits of her life while giving us clear, organized D.I.Y's. Beautifully done @carolinacardoza!

Other posts by @artemisnorth:

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Don't Forget - Creatives' Coffee Hour is today @1pm edt

Join the Fiberartists Curation Trail

If you’d like to be part of supporting the posts that I curate, you can join my curation trail. What that means is if you are part of the trail, when I vote on a quality post, your votes will automatically follow me. The trail name is Fiberartists.

You’ll need to sign up at SteemAuto and I’d recommend you use SteemConnect when asked to give voting rights. That makes sure your keys are safe. Once registered, the link to the curation trail is right here. You can set the percentage of vote you wish to use in the settings once you join the trail.

Creatives’ Coffee Hour

Join in on the fun! Come to the Creatives’ Coffee Hour, Mondays @1pm edt on the Steemit Ramble Discord or view it live on Rambling Radio

Pimp Your Post Thursday

Don’t forget, Pimp Your Post Thursday takes place every Thursday at 11am and 7:00pm EDT on the Steemit Ramble Discord. Come and join the fun promoting your posts and getting to know others.

Pimp Your Post Thursday

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Thank you for including my posts and showing all these other great posts! All new for me! I joined the Discord channel and gave a resteem, very exciting!


You are so right! I for example found your beautiful painting ❤️


I look forward to chatting with you!

Thank you so much for your encouraging words @fiberartists. I truly appreciate being included 😊

I really enjoyed your picks this week! Good luck with the Curation Corner show - I would love to be a guest at some point. You said it is 2pm EDT / 6pm UTC - what day of the week?

Much love - Carl


I'm glad you said that! I was thinking of asking you.... it's on Tuesdays. I'll dm you!

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Great work, @fibartists !
Thank you for your attention and attention
interest in my message!
Creative success and creativity to all!
I wish you good luck and new achievements!

Always glad to see you in my blog!

With respect and appreciation, your friend @singa

✌️ Hey! Thanks for the mention, so glad you enjoyed it. I had so much fun on the show, it’s the perfect pace, no stress, full of positive participants; I can’t wait for the next one.


We enjoy having the two of you there!

Thank you so much for curating so many great artists. And naturally I am flattered that you included me ❤️❤️

Thank you for adding our contest in your post. I am very grateful!

You share so many great things to look at and think that doing a post to show off these people is an amazing thing to do. Thank you for taking your time for everyone :)

love this.....fiberart is all snuggleh, glad to see the shows doing well on many levels ;)