The Fiber Ramble - June 8

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Hi all! I hope this post finds you well.

I had a few computer meltdowns this past week. I had originally planned to post this several days ago but I lost my original draft twice and had to rebuild after dealing with the other tech issues. The reason I'm sharing this with you is this: I was already emotionally invested in these posts and I was able to remember most of them.

As a consolation for lack of exposure, I'm sending each person with a post older than four days at the time of posting 0.5 SBD.

Please enjoy these posts as much as I did and leave the authors some love.

Onward to today’s rambling

"Google" is NOT a valid "source" for photos!

@thekittygirl has written this very helpful post about how to properly use images found on the net. She makes it very clear that not all images found on google are free for use. Thanks @thekittygirl!


Congratulations to The WINNERS! of @anjkara and @foxyspirit's #ultimatecrochet contest. I'm sure it must be very hard to choose from all the excellent entries they received. Please give all of these creatives' some love. They certainly have worked very hard and deserve it! Also, @anjkara and @foxyspirit are looking for input from the crochet community to make their contest better. If you have any ideas please let them know.

An owl, firefly and a penguin walk into a bar...

@zen-art has opened a shop over in the IFS Marketplaceon Discord or you can contact her directly to order your customized felt figures. She is very talented and has started sending her fiber art all over the globe. Go take a look at her latest customers' orders and maybe order one of your own.

#NeedleWorkMonday! I make my husband's underpants!

I love this @corrielaine! What a fun way to save some coin and show your man a little extra love. @corrielaine points us to her favourite pattern to make many versions of underwear. Thanks @corrielaine!

Gardening Top UpCycle Inspired by A Sister's Love

@borrowedearth will be Maid of Honour in her sister's upcoming wedding. While the dress is beautiful it won't work well with her homesteader's tan so she decided to do some upcycling and create a comfortable work shirt that will help match her tan lines to this special dress. Nicely done @borrowedearth and Congrats to your sister!

Needleworkmonday, Master class of creating a dog by the method of dry felting.

@innahandmade is a felt ARTIST! I love the way she has created a felting class, written out the steps, added detailed photos and video! If you're interested in felting or new to it, this post is just what you need. Thank you @innahandmade!

Needlework Monday – My suffering over my sleeves

@tali72 had a pretty sweater but the fit was terrible so she embarked on the nervewracking project of alteration. I think it looks beautiful! You're a very talented Lady. If you're like me and have a "few" unwearable garments this post will give you ideas to bring them back into the light. Great post @tali72

Mama's Hands💟

At the Creatives' Coffee Hour on Monday @enginewitty touched my heart and reminded me that the projects we're creating will be generational treasures. @enginewitty's Mom made this beautiful set for his little princess. I know this piece will be well cuddled for years to come because every stitch was created with love. Thank you @enginewitty!

MY ART - Mixed Media Collage - process in video

This post is fantastic! @marty-arts briefly shows us how she created her newest collage. If you enjoy this post check out her previous posts for more of her process details. Amazing piece @marty-arts!

Handmade Baby Giraffe Dream Catcher Wall Art ~ Jentz Creations ~ Wire Wrap Metal Work

@jentz44 created this amazing work of art for a repeat customer. I can honestly see why she came back for more! This post shows that @jentz44 creatively pays incredible attention to detail. Take a look for yourself, you won't be disappointed. Beautiful work @jentz44!

How to make a necklace for your cat/step by step

@carovargasv's tutorial shows beginning crocheters that they can produce cute projects after learning only two stitches. Her detailed steps and photos are easy to follow. Nicely done @carovargasv!

Until next time friends...

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Nominate Your Favourite Post

With all the posts that I sift through each time I sit down to do the Fiber Ramble, I think it is time to give you, the Fiber Artists, an opportunity to nominate your favourite reads.

Just visit the Fiber Ramble Discord and post the link in the Nominate-A-Post Channel.

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So awesome! Thank you so much for sharing my post!

Off to check out the discord group!

It has been a while since I have dropped in to take a look around. You have selected some very nice works here. Very nice of you to add $0.50 to those posts that are a little older and may not get as much exposure. Let me see...


Mission accomplished! You are a such a sweetie....but I won't tell anyone. LOL!


Good, that will be our little secret. I would hate for anyone to know that I might be a nice guy every now and then.

That will be Freya's bedding this year. My middle princess asked if she could make another dress for her last week. 😇 Thanks for showing off my mama's handywork🤗

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A nice place to see my post, surrounded with so many excellent ones 💚

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I appreciate the curation of my post, especially since it is not fiber-related! Thank you! 😊

That's very generous of you by sharing all these posts and awarding them as well! Kudos!

Thank you very much for showing my work in crochet, there are good works here

It's a honor to be included in this week's Ramble. Thanks so much. Now to check out the other posts... While there's still vote time!

Thank you @fiberartists. This is one of my favourite curation posts in Steemit. You always find really interesting content.


Thank you very much for featuring mine! I feel honored, hahaha! ;)
You found many great creative posts. I'll be taking time out to read them all.

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