Earn Steem for Finding an Undervalued Steemit Post and Submitting to Curie!

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What is the very best way on Steemit to earn hundreds of dollars from getting an undervalued post upvoted?

I'll show you what I found right here in this post.

This is the "Curie" guild on Streemian.com.

Read this post or watch the original video from YouTube to learn more!

Thank you very much to @gmichelbkk for converting the transcription of the YouTube video from GoTranscript into this beautiful post for Steemit, which is much faster to read than the video and has all of the highlights in screenshots!

Earn Steem for finding an undervalued Steemit post and submitting to Curie!

I'll show you exactly how this works and I'll show you what others have been doing that have been using this before you.

Here's a new post, a "Cajun Chicken Gumbo" post.

I'll go take a look at this with you.

This post earned less than $2 when it was submitted. If you scroll down here, you'll notice that in just less than an hour, it's earned over $200 by being upvoted by the members of the guild.

So how does this work and how can you get your post included?

Also, how can you make 10 Steem just by finding a post that gets approved?

Yes, there's a finder's fee offered by @curie.

You don't even need to author the post, but just find a really good post like the one below and submit it. This "Short Story about Game Addiction" has now got upvoted for almost $400.

If you would've found this post, upvoted it and submitted it on behalf of the author, you could've earned 10 Steem, and you can do this over and over again. In fact, there are a few people who earn a ton of Steem doing this.

What you'll notice here is an author on Steemit who is consistently getting less than a dollar or hardly anything on their posts, and yet they're trying, they're doing a great job and writing lots of posts.

Now, here's a post right here that was submitted over, and now it's earned almost $400.

This is an awesome project, which is why I'm explaining it here.

You get to be included by doing a proposed post.

This is on streemian.com, and it's under the "Guilds" service.

You need to have a Streemian account first, then you go to the "Services" menu and over to "Guilds."

Then, you click on "Curie."

It's under "Propose Post."

If you go to the actual @curie profile, you can get to this directly.

What's important is to submit a post within the terms and conditions they offer because they're not looking to just upvote crap and have someone self-promote a whole bunch of their posts in there, and try to earn money on their own posts with a bunch of upvotes.

This is a project that helps underpaid authors to make a good earning, which is supported by hundreds of voters on Steemit.

It's a very simple submission. You submit the URL of the post and you put a comment, and then you hit "I'm not a robot" and click "Propose."

If your post is approved, you will receive 10 Steem per post. That means if you find 5 approved post every day, you could earn over a hundred dollars. The key thing is that you get an approval rating. If you submit posts that are rejected, you get a lower approval rating, and the more posts you submit that they reject, the more difficult it will be to get any of your posts published.

The way to go about this is to do a really good job and submit the absolute best posts that meet their exact conditions, which I'm about to show you. Then you can earn 10 Steem just for putting this in there.

I will continue by explaining exactly how all of this works. Everything's transparent, there's no guess work, there's no, "How did they make money?"

I'll show you everything.

The guidelines are posted in the #Curie channel in steemit.chat.

So you go in to the steemit.chat and you go to the Curie channel. You may need to check the guidelines to make sure that whatever I've shared with you is new depending on how far away you are from July 2017.

Here are some important conditions.

Number one, it's for "new and verified authors only." That means you should've already made several posts. You should've verified by posting a picture with Steemit on your social media accounts. You need to already be doing a good job and already writing things on Steemit. This means, not someone's introductory post, and I would say as a general rule, that you don't want to submit a whole bunch of your own content either.

Note that a new author includes "52 Reputation and below." So this is for newer authors that are hoping, through this project, to get several hundred dollars to motivate them to keep going often when they've earned almost nothing. The lower the reputation, the more likely they are to be voted.

This means I am not eligible to submit any of my posts nor any of my posts are eligible to be accepted because my reputation, thanks to all of your upvotes, is 65. That means no top authors or no established authors are welcome to join this. This is for newer authors to get them upvoted.

Number two, "Posts must be more than 150 minutes old." That means about three hours, but "less than 24 hours old," and new posts "with a maximum of $2 pending payout."

This post was posted 19 hours ago and has earned $208. That means this post, before being submitted to this project, had under $2 in pending payments. Submitting it through the "Curie Guild" on Streemian, allowed for over $200 in upvotes, giving this post a great chance to make it on the trending page and to build even more followers.

If we take a look at the author, you can see this is the exact kind of author they're hoping to promote. I would guess they are great posts, but most of them are not earning that much.

Then this newest post, through submission in the "Curie Guild" is earning hundreds of dollars. The point of this guild is to help the top curators help out.

There's a very clear reason for this financially, which I'll show, but these are the basic conditions here.

It needs to be a new post, but not older than 24 hours. So it can't be a post that was just made 3 seconds ago, and it needs to be over two and a half hours old with a maximum of 24. This needs to be a fresh post, but not brand new with a maximum of $2 pending payout.

Then here's another one: A single author may be upvoted only once in two days or twice a week.

The more upvotes you get from being an author on here, the more your reputation is likely to go above 52 pretty quickly, so you won't be able to keep doing this.

If I look at Janie, I would guess the upvotes on this post got her above 52, and that she was below 52 before this. So she's no longer eligible to have her post submitted now.

What you'll notice is that these posts tend to get upvoted so much that the reputation score on most of the authors then is starting to go 52 or higher.

That means this is not going to get you as an author more than one or two, maybe three upvotes because the weight of those upvotes will carry you out of eligibility, which is lower than 52 reputation or under. That means you're not likely to even get more than two or three of these anyway.

The idea is this is a really good opportunity if you like to read on Steemit. You can keep submitting over and over, and get that finder's fee for 10 Steem, which is really good. You're not looking to just go submit 20 of your own posts that you've made within the last 24 hours, because then you're going to get at least 18 of them rejected. You can only get upvoted once every two days or twice a week.

You don't want to submit 15 posts from one author, especially not yourself, because then, you probably are unlikely to get any more posts upvoted in the near future.

This is a big one, "only original content, things that appear first on Steemit."

So not a post with just a video on it, not a post that someone copied from their blog that they posted three months ago and they're putting it up on Steemit, but something that's brand new and posted specifically for Steemit. This is one, I imagine, that the reviewer needs to go through and do a good job with.

I would guess if you want to make sure your post doesn't get rejected, just go through the article and grab something from the article, maybe a sentence, google that sentence with quotes, and if that exact sentence is on another website, then that means it's not original. You could try it with another sentence for confirmation.

Often copied posts will tend to have exact phrases from other posts. So you can easily check before you submit by copying a few lines, specific sentences are often good, and help avoid submitting something that's not original content. A reviewer is likely to put it through a full copy-write scanner where you can see how original the article is from there. So at least taking a quick minute to google it if not doing the same thing yourself before submitting is a good idea.

Now, number five, this eliminates most of my posts, assuming I had a reputation for it. "No Steemit related posts," that means if you made some posts about something on Steemit like this post, which was transcribed from the video and edited, then this would not be eligible, and all other things aside because it's a post about Steemit.

So "No Steemit posts, no photography, travel, religious, introduceyourself or political post."

The bottom line is that they want posts which are acceptable for the community and add the most value to Steemit.com. In other words, posts that will bring a wide variety of people to Steemit. There're already established categories like travel, photography and things about Steemit, and introduceyourself, that have a lot of existing posts.

Then the upvoters don't want things that are controversial like political or religious posts, and the photography posts often just have pictures, they want some texts posts. None of these categories should be submitted.

Finally, you've got "English posts only" and these submission limits.

CS means the curation score, I believe, and then AR, the average review. If you have a low curation score, then you can only make a very limited amount of submissions. I'm not sure how the curation score is calculated, but you might just start off with one to two things that meet all these conditions and see what happens, see if you get that finder's fee, and see if your post is approved, and then try it again.

The better you get, the more submissions you can do. You can do 5 to 15 submissions if you get a higher curation score.

You can have unlimited submissions if your average review, which I believe is the AR, is above 85%. That means if the majority of the things you submit are approved.

Therefore you want to make sure that you submit things that are able to be approved because you could then do unlimited submissions with a high enough curation score.

These guidelines are available on steemit.chat, under the #Curie.

How does all of this work?

I've shown you the terms and conditions, and now what will make sense to explain to you is how everyone gets paid.

How do the people involved make money? How are they able to do this? This was one of my first questions, how can they do this?

They're able to do this because upvoting posts that meet these guidelines provide a lot of curation rewards.

How much?

Way more than I'm getting.

Here's the Steem Power for the @curie account.

The basic thing that happens, I believe, is that @curie upvotes all the approved posts, and then all or some of the guild members auto upvote the posts that @curie auto upvotes. I believe that's how the backend works or something like that.

When this post went live 48 minutes ago, what happened is that @curie, when this is approved, either whoever's the initiator, whoever is the first one to vote on it, Curie or whoever's the lead voted on it, then all of the followers in the guild automatically upvote it after that.

So that means once you're approved, you automatically are likely to get a bunch of votes, and then it's possible that there are manual votes by some curators who just go through once a day and double check the approved posts and do their own voting.

Some of these other posts have different amounts of votes and therefore it's possible that some of the curators go through a manual lead vote, while others do it automatically.

You can count on a lot of votes by getting a post approved in here and that's how all of this is paid for.

You might ask, how is that finder's fee paid for?

10 Steem to get a post approved, when there's something like 20 posts a day, that's like 300 Steem a day.

You can see who is actually getting the finder's fees paid if you look in the wallet history on @curie. You can see all these finder's fees actually getting paid out, tons of finder's fees, getting paid out.

There are also reviewers' fees and operations' fees being paid out. Liberosist here earned a bunch of finder's fees. You'll see that a few people are earning a lot of finder's fees for submitting these different articles, and then many people got one article approved. This is giving people who just find one good article, a good amount of Steem, and then those who are willing to work more on it to find lots of Steem that way.

So how was all this paid for?

Well, the Curie account has about $300,000 worth of Steem Power and liquid Steem. Most of it is in Steem Power.

Every time you upvote a post there's a significant percentage that will go to the actual upvoters. So if I look at this payout, which is $879, what I actually got is $720 for making the post. Meanwhile, the people who voted this post up earned $159 off of it. This is where the money is created.

The same thing for this post: total payout $964, what I got is $798, and what the upvoters got is $166.

What I will do now is show you the difference. How this makes money?

We've covered the wallet, the Curie wallet has 180,000 Steem in it, and I have about 41,000 Steem.

So if we calculate 180÷41, the Curie wallet has about four and a half times as much Steem Power as I do in my wallet.

Well, how is that translating to rewards?

Let's see the curation rewards.

On the curation rewards, the Curie account has earned 1,209 Steem Power in the last week.

Meanwhile, I have earned 47 Steem Power.

Let's do the math on that.

I had 4.39 times as much Steem Power and with linear rewards, my Steem Power is directly related to my ability to earn curation rewards. The only difference is what I vote on.

So 1,209÷47 = 25

The 1,209 Steem Power earned by Curie divided by mine, which is 47, equals 25. The Curie account actually's earned 25 times as much Steem Power as me.

Therefore, if we divide 25 by 4.39 (25÷4.39 = 5.85), the Curie account is almost six times better than me at upvoting.

That means the posts the Curie account upvotes are posts that are enjoyed and upvoted by the community. This is possible because currently there's a square-root curvature for the curation rewards, meaning that if you were the first to upvote a post that's in the very small amount and you're the first to drop a big upvote on that post or one of the first to upvote it, you get paid more proportionately than the following upvoters.

This means you can earn the most by being the first to vote on something that's really good, which makes logical sense, right?

You want to reward the people who find the very best posts and upvote them first because that helps more people upvote them. The more people upvote them then, the more you earn. That's why it's easier to snowball as an author once you are in the habit to post essentially. Once people expect your post to earn, your post becomes very lucrative to vote on because if you hit my post with a vote when it's at a dollar or two, when you hit my post with a vote early on, you've got a good chance at earning a good amount of the curation reward, whereas, the things I've been voting on have hardly earned me anything.

Meanwhile, if you do like I've been doing, I've mostly been voting on things that haven't earned very much. Therefore, when I vote on something that doesn't earn that much, I don't get that much back. That's why the Curie account is currently earning six times as much per vote essentially as I am. That means when I vote on something and they vote on something, assuming we had the exact same Steem Power, I'd get one Steem Power and the Curie account will get six Steem Power.

That's the difference between great upvoting and just normal upvoting essentially, or a lot of my votes have been just upvoting comments, upvoting posts that no one else has voted.

All of these posts that are upvoted have a chance to go trending on Streemian, and if they go trending, they're likely to get more and more votes. That's how all these is paid for.

The Curie account earned 1,209 Steem Power in the last week and it then uses the Steem Power to then pay out the finder's fees. You can see that the Curie account can clearly afford to send out Steem Power payments. With earning 1,209 Steem Power in a week, the Curie account can afford to pay out 1,209 Steem Power out to all the curators, all the finder's fees, and essentially still comes out ahead. The Curie account can afford to pay out almost a hundred finder's fees and it still breaks even especially when you include an update from author rewards.

So the Curie account is outstanding and the community that supports Curie is helping us find the most undervalued authors and get good upvotes on them, and then everyone who participates is able to earn more Steem Power.

What the rewards are telling me is that I'm not doing that great of a job upvoting. My rewards are probably less than average for curation, while the Curie rewards are probably significantly above average.

So I'm hoping to get a system down myself to start doing some more effective upvoting. I've noticed that I seem to just almost be wasting my time with my upvotes in the sense that I pick things that aren't worth upvoting sometimes just because it's my friend, I know the person or I want to thank them.

Meanwhile, other things that are good, I don't vote on them first or I don't see them. Upvoting is very challenging. So I'm looking to get some more help with my own upvoting. I might make my own guild as well because right now the Curie guild is the only guild on Streemian that's active.

The Steem guild doesn't seem to be doing anything right now. The Curie guild is the only one that is active. They're upvoting posts every single day to help new authors. They've got an outstanding system to do it to help new authors get funded, which is why I've explained everything about it today because I want you to have the very best chance for the work you do to be compensated.

I hope that in explaining every bit of how all of this works as best I can see it from the exact terms and conditions, to the submission process and to exactly how the money is made, that you will be able to get paid for submitting these hidden gems to the Curie account.

You can go to Curiesteem.com, which takes you straight to the guild page on Streemian, and then use the Propose Post form for your submission.

Thank you very much for reading this post.

I love you, you're awesome. I appreciate the chance to share what I hope is very helpful for you.

If you found this post helpful on Steemit, would you please upvote it and follow me because you will then be able to see more posts like this in your home feed?


Jerry Banfield

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Curie no longer accept new curators and thus authors can't submit own post but can suggest to curators who accept proposal. Check @locikll latest post.


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You're very helpful!!

I read that, Thank U Jerry.

This looks like an awesome project in order to get undervalued posts to get attention. Also it's a nice addition that people make steem by just finding these undervalued posts, thanks for posting this Jerry

Thanks for this! First I've heard of @curie and am so glad you shared it... upvoted and resteemed.

What a great idea and thanks for sharing. I have started to write content relating to cryptos and hardly anyone sees my posts so maybe a way to get noticed.

Pretty clear, but I still hard to comprehend how the steem is generated and given and how the value and steem coin availability changes.

Very Helpful Post. Thanks @jerrybanfield for sharing this great information with us..
Almost all post from your blog is very impressive..
and your videos are awesome..
Thanks again from @wonderful-world


I'm looking at your work, check out my recent as I think it would be a good candidate as well

Wow I had no idea something like this even existed. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for sharing jerry...valueable info..

A helping hand for the minnows.

Curie seems to be extremely a must do for us minnows! Resteemed :) Also following @Curie asap

Nice thread bro....want to learn more

Thank you, Jerry, for explaining your findings on Currie and how it works. I have only done a few post but became discouraged too quickly as the earnings were so low. I am anxious to try this.

  ·  4년 전

Seems that I'm in the target group of being upvoted... :D

Thanks Jerry, this is good information

Thanks Jerry. This was a particularly informative post.

"What the rewards are telling me is that I'm not doing that great of a job upvoting."

I think it's key to remember that this is only true if your only measure of upvoting success is curation rewards. I spend most of my votes on the commenters in my article, and on anyone who engages in discussion or debate with me in the comments, regardless of viewpoint (unless someone is uncivil).

When you vote on the comments of others, you are basically forgoing curation rewards because I've observed that most users will not put significant value upvotes on most comments. This is a sacrifice I'm willing to make to encourage people to discuss articles with me on my blog, and that was probably true of you at one point as well.

Incidentally, you may have enough comments to respond to that encouraging more could actually become counterproductive. Don't wear yourself out.

Great advices which will be helpful for a lot of users. Thanks a lot for your great content. Good job! :)

Hi jerry,i saw ur video on facebook about the wonders steem is doing in your life and i want you to be my guide in this platform.my name is moses victor from nigeria and i know must if my country people dont know about this wonderful community yet.i want u to help to help 170million people in my country tanks.

Jerry u do a great job mahn I commend your work. But most times your write ups are too long. Would appreciate it if we could gain from all your informative posts with less reading time. Cos I follow a numbers if stuffs online. Thank you

Loving the love - more people should end their posts with that.

It sounds like there's really no downside to Curie, don't know why everyone wouldn't be utilizing it like you suggest. I'm a total newbie to this, had no idea my upvoting another post would actually earn me anything! Needless to say, I've just upvoted.

On that note, surprised to see my upvote made this jump $10 higher? No idea how that happened since I've only been here 2 days, have yet to make my own post and still have a tiny following / Steam power.


it was probably someone with more Steem power than you upvoting at the same time, Jerry gets a lotta love, real fast and lots of his friends move water. Eventually, your upvotes can be worth more, but just remember that your power is limited, goes down and if you choose your upvotes wisely, you can profit... but other times you just lose steem :/

Wow great info! Me personally i am not going to add my own blogs as i think is not ethical but for sure i will suggest a lot of blogs that i find in my feed and find them interesting. I am just wondering if somebody will ever suggest one of my blogs...

Thank You!
I appreciate the info here, I had not looked into this yet.
I hope you have a great day, thanks again!

*I had 4.39 times LESS steem power

please upvote my post sir i really need your upvotes and see my blog also because my blog basically for health and wealth

Thank you


you are great sir..

your posts are very helpful for newbiz thank you so much for sharing :-)

wow very interesting. keep up the great post @jerrybanfield!

Jerry, I submitted a post to Currie a week ago, that post made 27 steem and I got 10 steem! Good deal! Thanks so much for telling us about this concept. I will now starting finding new under valued posts and submit them to Currie once a week, I would submit more often than that, but once a week is the max allowed.

Amazing!!! This is a great information to help grow up to good writters. Thanks for share

Thanks for the info.
Everyday i am discovering new nice features of Steemit.
Amazing platform!

Thanks for the post on helping us to earn more whilst being creative.

Jerry, you are the most thorough author on this site. This is another great post from you and I am glad that I found it, and I found it because I spend time going through looking for good post to read. I will definitely be participating in this initiative. I've often felt that many of my posts go overlooked or are undervalued and they all used to make under $2 until someone put me in their Steemvoter, but I still feel overlooked. But I won't whine about that. I'm just going to be looking for others like me to submit to the guild and I know I'll get in there somewhere by osmosis. LOL! Thanks for this post! I'm upvoating and resteeming. I'm already following you.

This post has been ranked within the top 10 most undervalued posts in the second half of Jul 21. We estimate that this post is undervalued by $117.71 as compared to a scenario in which every voter had an equal say.

See the full rankings and details in The Daily Tribune: Jul 21 - Part II. You can also read about some of our methodology, data analysis and technical details in our initial post.

If you are the author and would prefer not to receive these comments, simply reply "Stop" to this comment.

Does this work for those who have no Steem? My introduction made me just $0.12 and a few valued friends! I'm planning on publishing my science fiction book on Steemit - broken into small chunks. Pxx

Thanks Jerry! Going to try this to help out some people :)

Thank for sharing. I upvoted almost your post !!! and followed you. I really like your posts.^^

I just heard of this curie place today and could not figure out heads nor tails once I got in there. A few other people recommended it for minnows like me who don't think bots area good idea.

I'm working on a post now in response to your recent cry for help, @jerrybanfield and this is the exact thing I think you should do more of. Teach us Obi Wan. Your teaching skill for noobs is needed here.

I will go through this post in detail and get on it. A friend nominated one of my recent posts and I saw action!

Wow, you really work hard

Awesome, thank you for sharing this with us.

would this qualify for @curie ? https://steemit.com/permaculture/@ecoknowme/beyond-biotecture-the-evolution-of-earthships-ecoknowme Maybe not everyone's cup of tea, but still pretty interesting if you want to feel wealthy through sustaining yourself ecologically.... @jerrybanfield I saw your PB and Oat stash and thought maybe you could see another approach..... cheers @ecoknowme

what if i submitted my first post many times because it's not get viewed

Very informative post! I have a question for you though. You said that nothing in the Photography category would qualify. Does that exclude an actual article about photography? Would it qualify if it were in another category, like say education?

Congratulations @jerrybanfield!
Your post was mentioned in my hit parade in the following categories:

  • Upvotes - Ranked 5 with 578 upvotes
  • Comments - Ranked 10 with 126 comments

Hey @jerrybanfield could you please submit my blog/article to this.
I am not able to confirm my steem account right now, hence cant do it myself.

This is really very amazing . Thanks for telling us about it. I am going to try this. Nice share Jerry. Keep it up. Upvoted and followed.

Hey Jerry! Love your posts and entrepreneur spirit! You might be too busy to get to this, but this thing is asking for some pretty personal info like our private keys and passwords. I tried to do the password and I'm getting an error. I'm concerned about the safety of my wallet.

Thanks so much @jerrybanfield! Its all a bit confusing but I'm gonna read this a few times! Appreciate your help! :)

Amazing! Thanks so much for this. I saw you first on Youtube a month ago when i was learning about cryptocurrency. It is good to know you are on Steemit. Muxh love.

man you are such a win for this community. You are working non stop how do you do that?

My latest post is undervalued. You should do something about it...

Looks like the guidelines changed. Here is what I see in the steemit.chat guidelines
"2) Posts must be more than 150 minutes old, but less than 24 hours, with maximum $1 pending payout."

Given the potential of Bitcoin and Altcoins to make many millionaires it is worth learning to trade cryptocurrencies professionally . https://steemit.com/@supertrader

Thank you Jerry for this great information.
Never heard of Curie and this reward system and it seems that Steemit keeps improving daily as a site thanks to it's users and their ideas !
New users are now ready to jump high if they create valuable content.

Hi @jerrybanfield. I have gotten one proposed post approved and I think I have another one that will be approved, so that is great. I like this initiative. But, how about some of my own posts on my blog. I know we can't propose our own work, but I am one of the people you talk about in this post who is trying and posting consistently with little exposure or support. How might I have one of my own posts submitted? I really need the boost.

Great post! Very informative and well written.

Great, I should have known this earlier. :)
True that some posts should worth more but just not being given the right attention and upvotes.

in this second the price of steem is 1.43 USd and Steem dollars 1.03 usd, wonderful

Great Post Jerry. Thank You, i am new here and this will help me out alot. I found your video on YouTube, i was just browsing stuff about ifttt, and your video came up about steemit, this was also the same video you did for your facebook ads. Anyways its peaked my interest and i am not hooked on the idea of making this much money blogging. Happy blogging!

Cool service! I'll be on the look out for undervalued posts. Thanks jerry.

Thanks for sharing! A link to your post was included in the Steem.center wiki article about Curie. Thanks and good luck again!

It seems like time has changed too...

Looking for a post younger than 1 minute o.o now there's bigger challenge!


I get the same message. It's because we are not curators. Only those invited can become curators now. The details are on the chat channel for Curie. I had not yet submitted anything, because I was finding too much plagiarism, or I was finding fantastic articles in the wrong categories! Because of that, had no score with them, so they assumed I was inactive. 😢

wow! i must say Jerry knows how to break it down. thank you for the information. i have registered on streemian.com and will start selecting great posts to submit. thanks

Jerry, as always a really outstanding post! Like all of your posts I have read here on Steem, it is all about helping others. Guess that is why you are so successful!

I will definitely look into doing this for new folks. I am going to have to study it a little more, because I am not really the sharpest crayon in the box! It does look like a really good way of helping people though.

Thank you again for all the upvotes you have made on my posts. It is a big help. My best to you and your family. As always, I am...

Respectfully yours,
@sargento (Daniel)

Hi, thanks for sharing this! Whenever I try to submit a post curie, in that it complies with all rules appears the following: "Posts may not exceed an age of 1 minutes. Your is 4:17:03.782248".
What am I doing wrong?

Wow that's great

Very helpful , informative and explained so effectively plus the video tutorial was a cool presentation! Thank you for sharing @jerrybanfrield , might include you on my auto vote list @steemfollower . Really impressed with you @jerrybanfiled

Hi Jerry
Many many thanks for this post
Please visit my post:
Would you please propose it if it satisfies the conditions and you are willing too?
Thanks again

Jerry thanks for the article. I could not figure out how to signup for steemian. Maybe I can’t do it on a mobile phone?

I’ve been writing high quality long form content and I think it would do well if people could only see it.

Well, this sounds really interesting. I think I'll check out curie.com because I do love reading posts and finding good new posts is a challenge on here. Quality is important and helping others find it would be rewarding to me.

This sounds too good to be true... but I can't see anything to suggest it's a scam! Totally awesome. I often come across super undervalued posts, so I'll need to check this out.