MAXIMIZE YOUR CURATION REWARDS with A.I. | Does a whale wants to curate?

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Python self learning neural network: Artificial Intelligence curating the spanish language to maximize curation rewards

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Something whales seem to have forgotten is that they can trail curators to help them find great content and profit from the #newsteem curation rewards.

This was the original precept in the curation game...

So, you dont have time to manually curate?

Well there are small projects with big dreams that actually curate manually and increase engagement and are nice, lets say you are a 1 million SP Whale very busy and don't want to spend time digging in the sea of Shitposting that still goes on on Steemit even after the untimely demise of bidbots.

Overtime we have identified a few manual curators that do a great job, and I started following their vote when #newsteem appeared, I am not a whale I'm barely a dolphin, but i was following minnows votes and ditching the abusive ones, no one really knows who i actually follow because I use my own trail apart from steemauto.

I started recording my manual curators voting patterns and checking what was giving the best return, and i came with the idea of bringing back my primitive python neural network to come up with a curation algorithm.

I let it run for about a week and it learnt from what humans were doing, and started voting around.

A.I always learns, and therefore i still allow it to keep looking at what humans are doing and then it applies the return formula and checks if there are possible improvements to the patterns.

@reveur went from getting 20 or 40 SP weekly curation rewards with 24K SP with an Avg. efficiency of: 60%
(Meaning for each dollar i was giving in votes i was getting 60 cents return)

To a nice 60 weekly SP in curation rewards (even after powering down to just 20K SP) with an average efficiency of: 81%
So 80 cents per dollar given.

What do i propose:

(Or how to profit from my BOT?)

Option A) I stopped working for free a while ago, but whales are welcome to follow my votes and profit from the increased efficiency of my A.I algorithm and that way we both benefit as by increasing the payouts of the posts curated and trailed by a whale my own curation rewards will increase.


  • I have my A.I trapped in spanish because i have little SP and dont want to dilute it roaming around the whole of STEEM. If whales approach me about expanding it to other languages or segments we can study your offer.
  • I still vote my fanbase because they are my friends and good bloggers, it is small, just 4 authors including my personal blog. If whales approach me about trailing me, and I see a higher ROI i will stop voting the fanbase

Option B) For a fee I can run you as a fronter of my vote.

OptionC) I can run the A.I for you in my servers, you dont even need to provide your PPK I will make the bot run in a trigger account with almost no SP and you can trail that account with steemauto.
Make me an offer.

Option D) I sell you the code for a 1 time fee to be negociated, and the bot is yours to do whatever you want with it. If you need further development we can discuss my fees.


...Is to trail this account ! Join our trail and increase your curation rewards: on SteemAuto.

"Where there is no guidance, a nation falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety."
Proverbs 24:6

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Will give it a try. And validate results.


As i say to other commenters, your milleage might vary according to wether you have more or less SP than me.

This is mainly aimed to whales, small users and dolphins results might be eclipsed by the 20K sp my account has.

If i dont attrack whale interest i will make a fronter thing for dolphins and minnows as at least it will make the fronters win from my vote and the authors get slightly higher rewards.

time will tell i will let everyone know in my blog :)


You mean Steem Blog or "some other" blog?

I am in a tricky situation in life at the moment, but next year if prices are still very low like today, I plan to make a bigger move in crypto.

Until then, I am sort of "knowing and being introduced" to a wider audience, to understand what options I will have.


i mean the blog here... i knwo it is confussing as some people only posts about their steem monsters cards


Yep 👍

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  ·  2년 전

Greetings @reveur, this great bot you created, a well founded idea and seemingly very well executed.

Maybe later on when I have some more SP I will encourage me to participate in the vote trail.👍

I hope you get good offers that enhance and reward even more your work.

Thank you for reading my comment, I don't say goodbye without wishing you a good day, evening or night, happy start of the week.✌️


you are welcome,and thanks for commenting!

It is 5 am for me and i am stil awake

Ok, for now I am joining the reveur's trail in steemauto.

I do not even become a dolphin, I am a simple little fish, but your proposal seems interesting and I hope to see the comments and responses of other visitors to this post to learn a little more about the subject.


Cool Pedro, you are welcome to join, i am tempted to setup a fronter thing to benefit small fish, but first i am waiting in case there is whale feedback.

TBH I made this because someone in discord asked me a whale was looking for this.

But once they learnt it was not for free or for votes of course i never heard back from them ;)


I am not sure about the curation trail at all, because while some "bigger fish" upvote before you do (when you are a minnow), your share of the curation reward is a bit smaller, because you voted "after" the bigger account. Well, it still can be profitable, I am not saying that it won´t.
But 81% is awesome result if I can say, good job there!


Thanks for your comment, however I dont think you understand what is this about.

I am not asking little fish to join my trial, even though they are welcome to do it.

This is a bot running A.I maximizing MY curation rewards and i am propossing it to the bigger capital.

As i tell @pedrobrito2004 above, i might make a fronter thing where the little fish might benefit.

But for now i am looking to maximize my return and i am not telling anyone lies about joining my trail... I insist if you have MORE SP than me... then you will benefit form trailing me, if you dont it will not be the same results.


Yes I understood badly, now I got it.


Hi @ritxic

I am not sure about the curation trail at all

At all? What about this solution ...

I'm setting up my own curation trail for project.hope (180k SP). My idea is to create account which would upvote publications that are being shared by our group on telegram (and set up 20% beneficiary to ph-fund). So each of those posts will receive very small upvote already and and next day same post will be upvoted by @project.hope (with it's 180k SP).

This way everyone who visit @project.hope and upvote recent publications (or whoever would follow curation trail) will always upvote "before" that large upvote.

Would that make more sense?


That makes perfect sense, yes.

I started recording my manual curators voting patterns

This is neat. I'd like to have the time to get into this. :)


I dont need time I have something better I have a useful BOT that does all the repetitive boring work for me so i am free to post and have fun :)

Once someone tried to make war on and he discovered my motto:
Money | Free Time | Bots

Unstoppable combination.

However i am a strong believer that Bots should be used in a responsible way and only to remove boring tasks from humans.


The rise of AI baby.

Upvoted and resteemed @reveur

Hi @reveur

I just had a chance to read your post a second ago. Sorry that it took so long. Past few days have been very busy.

I will definetly try to get more familiar with your tool and hopefully I can find ways of using it to maximize curation rewards on @project.hope. However I'm focusing there on manual curation.

It seem to be difficult to find a balance between supporting particular publications/users with 100% upvotes and at the same time using remaining of voting power to drop small upvotes on popular posts.

Would you mind sharing with me if your machine learning bot is upvoting mostly within 3, 4 or 5min after publication? Im sure you measured it.

upvote on the way :)
Yours, Piotr