Steembot-army curation bots power up due to increased attacks by flagging troll accounts

3년 전

In the wake of recent troll bot flags our commander in chief has approved an emergency budget increase to allow for the steem-bot curation army to increase its voting power.

@steembot-general +1046 SP

@steembot-colonel +83 SP

@steembot-soldier +64 SP

@steembot-medic +250 SP

The Steembot-army curation bots use @steemvoter services you can assign your own autovotes here

As per our weekly announcement for auto curation posted these are the assigned authors our bots autovote.

Week 1 Curation Authors








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Thankyou for following the Steembot-army and its curation bots. Support the Curation by upvoting and Resteeming.

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Maybe you should make a room and allow people to suggest good posts for potential curation?


Its worth thinking about. I have not really made use of the chat rooms yet.

I find it hysterical, whatever floats the Generals boat.


An image tells a thousand words!