Steembot Soldier weekly Auto Curation list #2

3년 전

Week 2 Curation Authors

Steembot-army Curation trail currently has over 22,000 Steempower

As per to the Generals orders Auto curation will be updated and assigned on a weekly basis.

autovotes are set for 5 minutes after posting 








Auto-voting thanks to @Steemvoter

This Steembot-army curation soldier belongs to @mallorcaman image credit

Your support and opinions are very valued by me please interact!

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Any way to get on this list? ;)


Let me have a look at the end of the week I could include you for week 3, for a permanent army position you could create an account and donate its voting power to the steembot army. 500SP minimumand one weekly curation post, username steembot-???? does this sound fair? thanks for your inquiry @ourlifestory. There will be a whale in the steembot-army as well coming in a few days courtesy of an investor friend so stay tuned for more..


Thank you for the offer, maybe i will.
Quite busy upcoming days, so it might take a while. I will shoot you a message on if i decide to take up your offer ;)


i didnt understand this well