Iligan Best Posts [Compilation #15]

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Welcome to another Compilation of Iligan Best Posts!

“Building Community, Uniting People, Nurturing Creativeness, Taking Aptitude to the Next Level."

@SteemPH.Iligan strongly promotes high quality posts and we really encourage you guys to post high quality contents with the same standards as to @curie’s and @ocd’s. We would like to reward those authors for their efforts and determination!

Welcome to another Compilation of our Community's Bests Posts! Today is Thursday, January 25, 2018 and as always, here are the best posts that we find underrated! We encourage you to read these posts! Please support these authors by throwing some upvotes!

1.) Travel to the world's biggest multicolor dancing fountain by @wondratv

The world's biggest multi-color dancing fountain can be found at Okada Manila Hotel. Your Manila visit would not be complete if you will visit and witness the fountain. If you want to know how to peep of Okada and if you want to know how to get there then keep on reading this blog.

2.) The 12 'Travel' Lessons Learned from a 'Backpacking' Student Missionary (Part 2 of 4) by @abigailloveremo

I don't have a full-time job. I'm just a student, a Steemian, and a missionary with a purpose of inspiring young people attending universities to have a joyful, honorable life with God. I don't have the luxury to sleep in nice hotels or travel with extra comfort.

3.) How to Cook Carbonara (The Filipino Way) by @jonelq

Creamy, tasty and delicious are just one of few things that describe this dish. In the Philippines, its not very popular pasta dish because we are accustomed making a Spaghetti, which I think one of the most famous dessert during celebrations.

4.)BISDAK TA BAY #3 (GRAMMAR 101): Pagbungkag sa "Abi nakog sakto..." ug ubang mga Misconception sa Binisaya by @gilnambatac

Walay lalom nga mga pulong sa bisan asang lengwahe sa kalibotan. Ang naa rakay ang kakulagan sa usa ka tawo sa pagbasa. Pananglitan sa Iningles: nganong sayon raman nato masabtan ang mga pulong "rendezvous", "ferocious", "despicable?

5.) Foggy Mountains With trees by @kneelyrac

As my number of days here in steemit community is increasing, I've come to realize that if your heart says to draw, then draw! If anyone laughs at your drawing then consider it as a motivation and never stop learning, for steemit is a place where you learn, grow and shine!

6.) Mindanao Travel Blog Post #10: The Splendid Beauty of Cathedral Falls by @deeday31

The Cathedral Falls is one of the easiest to access waterfall I have ever been and it is located in the Barangay Waterfalls, Kapatagan, Lanao del Norte.

7.) Kuya J's Diaries Episode 1 - Journey to New Israel by @iamkuyaj

Since I have just recently started here in this STEEMIT community, all the blogs I've posted since I started were all random and I find it somewhat messy and so I have decided to make a “series” to make it easier for all of my followers on what to expect on my future blogs and I would like to officially call it “Kuya J’s Diaries” (so please look forward to it ^_^).

Do your best and be included in our next daily compilations of Iligan steemians' best posts! Good luck and God bless us all!

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Nice jd ug mga content ang mga Iliganons! Proud Iliganon here! :)


Great content!

nice compilation @asbonclz thanks for the hard work and extra efforts in helping the community grow ... keep it up!