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When the once good friend, fades away,
The stars are dancing a cold ballet,
When one sees it all, but still is blind,
With no hope or strength, to slay the mind.

Battle by @jianna has a strong sense of rhythm and rhyme, and the emotions of their poem hits deep in the solar plexus.


Cities will fall to
Crumbling stone
Trees shall reclaim what
Was once home
Battles rage on in
Fire and in bone

The Misty Early Morning by @letalis-laetitia expresses a steadfastedness in a decaying world with a beautifully repeating chorus and fabulous imagery.


So, what does it feel like
to be grounded, globally

Corona Verses by @yahialababidi is fascinating in the face of a lot of people acting like children about the stay at home order. We are starting a poetry unit digitally with my students, and I'm tempted to use this with them so that we can talk about the extended metaphor and implications.


And they stop watching his lips. Their minds drift with the sounds. Above the orchestra. Above the stage. Above their own heads. Ceilings give way to clouds in a puffy night sky. Bright horizons from all that light pollution. Doesn’t matter. It’s beautiful anyway.

Flute by @improv is such a beautifully written slice of life flashfiction, a little vacation from the current world where you can float on an ocean of music.

Comsumida by @revivemyheart is in Spanish, but take a second to translate it if you have the opportunity. I love her work in both languages. This piece is especially strong in it's use of the candle metaphor for a person who is strong for others.

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