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In his hand he held a wonder.

Counter by @demonsthenes is such a strong piece of little mini-fiction, but I can't tell you anything about it without giving too much of it away so....


Debts are like buildings:

The higher they are,

one less wants to know something about them.

Quarantine Poetry: Untitled 3 by @vickaboleyn is originally in Spanish but hit the little translate button my English speakers- this is an interesting reflection on debt.


The air outside is not fire
Your domicile is not a cell
Prison is a state of mind though
And perception will do you well

The War I Quell by @soulbasis is a poem reflecting on our current times by comparing them to war. They are also brand spanking new to the Hive so let's welcome them!


Was I ever present in your dreams?
Was I ever more than a subject
in your countless kingdoms?

Santo Grial (El templario Fallido) by @verxdictive is another piece originally written in Spanish, but I love the medieval feel and the comparison to the holy grail.


Don`t judge a widow or her daughters by their smile,
narrowing down their agony to your mindless expectation!

Let Widows Smile by @lymepoet is a poem that reflects on the contrast between grief and the expectations we have of grief.

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