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Regarded myself in the mirror, teeth gritted. In my right hand, I wielded a pair of scissors, their blank shininess reflecting my tormented glance. In my left hand, I held the scraps of my self-esteem.

From Medusa to Samson by @rachelwayne is an exploration of how women's self-esteem is connected to their hair.


tossed among the fangs of the wonders
of civilization.

Grains of Salvation by @marlyncabrera makes masterful use of so many different devices to convey her ultimate message about gratitude and its glorious.


My religion is a weighted blanket by a roaring fire
if not the sun pulling tears from my skin.

Sunday Prayer by @shawnamawna explores all the various ways a person worships.


The ache in my chest
is of a bird searching for a nest,
earnestly diving from
one tree to another,
as this has been the order.

Forest by @okikithegreat is a sweet piece with an extended analogy of the heart as a bird.


Ever green in all seasons
Other plants shrivel in heat
Fall in frost and drown in monsoons

Pineful Day by @mineopoly glorifies the pine and I'm down.

Art is sourced from the respective posts
Reflections by Sunravelme

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