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They’d been running o’er the bridges
made of slender branching arcs,
lanceolate winding limbs,
and a wish to reach the skies.

Cherry Coy by @marlyncabrera is full of such gorgeous imagery and personification.


You fall to keep the others standing
Nothing for you ever demanding

Your Life's Game by @ruth-girl is a poem combined with her photography, an extended metaphor comparing life to a chess game. I love her poetry in general, but when combined with her photography it games a whole new life.


star in a field of fireflies

Blue Boy by @shawnamawna is poem full of comfort and sweet beauty. I love everything she puts out.


I was born with a great list of fears tattooed on my skin

The Fear on My Skin by @stanestyle talks about the feelings that we can't escape.


"First, tell John he must not give up,
My death is neither failure, nor a reason to stop,
I may be gone but life goes on,
Tell him the race is never complete until it is run..."

His Last Words by @seesladen is full of excellent advice from a dying man, but the ending is absolutely heartrending.

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Reflections by Sunravelme

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