Curation Spotlight #196 - Estou no Top 20 do Partiko

3년 전

A recent update to min and max bids. You can find the information here:

Curation Spotlight is where posts that were voted on by @sureshot bid/upvote service are curated through and the top 2 will be chosen and featured here on these posts.

How to get Your Post Featured?

Depending on your post, if it has been curated by someone and is determined not to be plagiarized or harmful to others and the platform, then you will most likely be featured eventually.

Today we have a Steemian that's in Partiko's top 20. Congrats!


Curation Spotlight


Estou no Top 20 do Partiko

How @SureShot Works

Due to the annoying commenting animal, you can find the Terms of Service on the post here(Updated terms apply):

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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