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100% Manual Curation

I find the best content on Steem and help give it more rewards and exposure. You can find all the posts I curated yesterday in the table below.

Author of the Week

Also keep an eye out for my Author of the Week contest where I give away 200 or more Steem Power to one deserving author weekly.

Daily Curation

Yesterday, I manually curated the following posts.

@donluchoSteemit Open Mic Week 124 - Voy a apagar la luz
@roleerobR2R Travelogue 16: The Blue Mountains and the Palouse
@zyx066Shave Like A Man!
@steemmattWorkout Progress Update - 34 Workouts In 39 Days - My Motivation & Getting Myself Fired Up For The Next Push
@paintingangelsThe Sound of Silence (cover by Danny Hamilton and Serena Matthews)
@varya-davydovaBansko wants a second stall. "Conspiracy" of Switzerland against Bulgaria
@breiliConociendo el Teleférico Mukumbarí
@c-cubedExponential! C² Featured Posts - February 11, 2019
@timezonejunkiesFrom the MOST touristy place in Laos to the LEAST touristy town! Hitchhiking in Laos
@socalsteemitShow Us Your California Contest Winners!!!
@amberyooperSteemit Open Mic Week 124, a parody song
@ginnyannetteThe Sky is Falling, and it is Made of Paper
@dmillizCleaning the planet & talking about twitter marketing
@guiltypartiesVeterans on Steem Daily Highlights - 11 Feb 2019
@steveconnorAlpacas & Sheep
@edgarsartHow to draw Heart step by step Real By EdgarsArt
@akramkhanCleanplanet 11 February 2019
@reggaemuffinNew Project – Steem Editor – A Vue Markdown Editor optimized for the Steem Blockchain
@shibasakiLive Stream on YouTube / Watercolor for Beginners VIDEO / English日本語
@therealwolfSteem - The Blockchain for Decentralised Applications & Games
@msp-makeaminnowConcurso #27 de Make a Minnow ¡Post de Nominaciones! /// Concurso de Delegación 10,000 steem power para miembros de PAL/MSP
@msp-makeaminnowMake a Minnow #27 Contest Nomination Post! /// 10,000 steem power delegation contest for PAL/MSP members
@luzcypherSteemit Open Mic Week 123 Winners - See Who Won Open Mic And Join Us This Week
@blewittDogs Allowed!!!
@li-art❤️ Tutorial - Drawing LOVELY DOG , art by @li-art 🎬❤️ Dtube❤️
@craigcryptokingCannabis And Chilli's!!
@travelwithusLovel Children - Herzliche Kinder
@inertiaTesting RocksDB in Tintoy
@overkillcoinRandom Character (Godzilla Knockoff) + Update
@reggaemuffin[TaskRequest] steem-editor – Upgrade webpack and babel
@taskmaster4450A Simple Reason Why Centralization Does Not Stand A Chance
@themarkymarkMovie Review - 300
@theycallmedanMy Investment Philosophy
@yabapmattSteem Keychain Update - Firefox Version Now Available!

ǝɹǝɥ sɐʍ ɹoʇɐɹnƆ pɐW ǝɥ┴

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Thank you very much for your work. It is very nice that there are people on Steemit who help to promote good useful content.

Thank you so much for the support! It was a surprise and is really appreciated!

How I can have your support for my account like others @themadcurator ? ...

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Whoever you are, thanks. And it always raises a smile when I see the logo and inverted text!
Some great stuff on your simple and diverse list to read through.
Best wishes :-)

Thank you!!!💞

Very good Congratulations

Thank you so much! :)

You can also visit my blog ;)

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You sir, have been busy!!!!

Well done, you madman!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for the support (to me and to others)

Wow, thank you @themadcurator! This was such a nice surprise. Love seeing new steemians I haven't visited. Lots of great posts to check out!

You rock!!!

Appreciate you supporting original content on Steem!

Edi wow

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Curation is by far my weakest skill. It's just so difficult to find posts from people I don't follow that I like which aren't already discovered.

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Puedes visitar mis post

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ayudame a conseguir seguidores soy de #venezuela

You are doing an awesome job that helps quality content writer thanks boss

lel that's a lot, good work!

It’s awesome of you to do this!!! Lots of folks are talking and appreciate the efforts.

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