10 Ways To Understand Laziness :My NYSC Experience

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Hello steemians;
In Nigeria it compulsory to render a one year service to your country after your university or polytechnic education provided you are not more than 30 years old.
This call for service is called NYSC (National youth Service Corps). Here you will be posted to an organization in state you have not visited before.The organization will treat you equally with their staff while the federal government pays and takes record of your commitment and upkeep. If you fail, you will be mandated to repeat this service.
This was introduced in Nigeria during military Regime by General Babangida (Retired).
You cannot work in any federal organization in Nigeria if you don't have this certificate as a Nigerian citizen.

While I was in camp, a lot of things happened which I may elaborate on some other time. But for the purpose of this post where I decide to relive my camp experience and memories, I want to share wth you that one thing that stood out for me. We lived a regimented life so we were not allowed to do as we felt like and when we felt like. Our hostels were far apart from each other so there had to be a way to get us all out when they needed our attention. There had to be a way to get us out for meditation; there had to be a way to get us out for both morning and afternoon parade; there had to be a way to get us to go get our food; there had to be a way to get us for social gatherings etc.

There was just one way that worked....the sound of the trumpet; some persons call it beagle(I'm not so sure of the spelling now). Lest I forget to add, we were under the tutelage of military officials and paramilitary officials so you understand better what I'm trying to illustrate. For us in camp, once you hear the sound of the beagle you must be up and moving down to the parade ground or wherever it is your attention is needed. DOUBLE-UP! became an anthem for us. When you hear the beagle you don't walk, you run or jog. By at least 4:30am....you can never be found still sleeping. Whether you have taken your bath and brushed your teeth or not, you must be heading for the parade ground on your white and white. so if you desire to freshen up you must wake up earlier....those military men don't take excuses. Since they've been instructed not to touch you, they'll gladly pour you water if you give them a reason to. In fact, you're been instructed that when the beagle is sounded, if you're still sleeping, YOU'RE WRONG! If you're walking, YOU'RE WRONG! If you're not on the parade ground, YOU'RE DEFINITELY WRONG! LET'S GO! was equivalent to GOOD MORNING. It was 21 uneasy days for me. Some persons hissed and complained frequently(I was not innocent of that though), but I didn't fail to learn at least one thing- THE WORLD WE LIVE IN HAS NO PLACE FOR LAZINESS AND LAZY PEOPLE!!!

Enough of the story, let's do a quick diagnosis for laziness....just a few I learnt today

  1. If you love sleep, you're lazy!
  2. If you procrastinate a lot, you're lazy!
  3. If you give unnecessary excuses, you're lazy!
  4. If you blame others for your failure you're lazy!
  5. If you are not doing anything, you're lazy!
  6. If you don't conclude your labour each time you start one, you're very lazy!
  7. If you are always planning...always planning and never carrying out anyone, you're super lazy!

I said 10 Shey? Ayav tire. You can complete it lemme learn from you too. So the big question becomes, in all sincerity of heart, ARE YOU A LAZY PERSON, VERY LAZY PERSON OR SUPER LAZY PERSON?
#16th-18th Nov. 2018

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