Meaning of friendship – 20 years and counting

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We live in a time of constant technological advancement, fast life, lack of time because we mostly spend it at the computer or at work, impersonal relationships, impatience, and social demands. It looks like that young people no longer know the values, that they don't know how to value each other, that they are not aware of the importance of communicating with people in person. Friendships are being developed over the Internet because you no longer have to go outside and make new friends there. I remember there was no day that I didn't go out, even though it was only 10 degrees outside. It didn't matter, it was important that we were together, doing crazy things, talking.
But despite today's lifestyle, friendship still has enormous significance. Everyone needs someone they can trust, who they share their concerns with, whom they can enjoy, and even if through a computer.
Friendship is a relationship that builds and takes time to fully develop.

I met my first friend when I was in diapers. She was my neighbor and we played together every day all day. Given all the problems we had at home, I really spent most of my time with her.
At age 6, I went to school. This is a school before a school or how to express it. There I met a friend, who I immediately caught up with. When we were 8 years old, the other two came along. And our friendship has begun. We spent most of our time together, playing, doing crazy stuff, going to different kinds of activities together. One year later, we met a friend who immediately grew to our hearts. Luana moved to Slovenia from Germany and she had no one, but we took her into our company. And so began an unforgettable adventure. Together, we formed a dance group and danced at all the school events, went to the choir, and spent most of our free time in nature. And the name of our small group was created. Sixes. I have to admit that we were a really perfect group of friends. Of course, there were also the disputes we have dealt with, and then with the notes, we gave ourselves during class, we tried to clear up our conflict. Usually, after one hour it was already successful.
There was no social network, we called on landlines and talked for an hour or so, or just go in the wild where we found our special place. A small bridge in the middle of the park we named the Troika (Three). Why a three? Because it was the third bridge in the park. Of course, there was no running water underneath it - here we spent most of our time making videos, painting, laughing, creating stories, playing, hanging out with classmates and other friends....
We had a lot of sleepovers, and our parents knew exactly where we were.
But of course, at 13 we started exploring alcohol and tobacco and partying. And that's where the lying to our parents began. Sleepovers were very successful but only at Luana, because only her parents allowed us to go out. My parents were strict about going out in the evenings but when I was sleeping over at my friends house, everything was fine 🙂
Of course, there were always some small conflicts because of the boys, jeah we had a very similar taste but we always solved these "problems" 🙂 Then the first mobile phone came, and we were always in touch and always had a couple of hours to talk because no one was using internet :)
In the last grade of elementary school, we realized that soon we wouldn't be together every day and then one time about 3 weeks before the end of the school, the professor told us that this friendship that we have today will not remain and that we will no longer be friends, because elementary school friendships do not remain. It affected us all so much that we gathered at my place that night and made a small oath that we would never be apart.
And so it was. We were visiting different highs school's but we've still always spent all weekends together. Except for one. My neighbor. She moved away, and she didn't stay in contact. Of course, we were disappointed, but this made our little company more united. We were renamed in sesticas'five 🙂
Then it was time for us to go to college. Each of us in another town, but we still swore that our friendship would not fail.
One to become a doctor, other decided to become a psychologist and one to become a lawyer. (they succeeded) 💪🤗
My study direction was archeology but due to health problems it was not successful and Sanja decided to stay home and study economy.
We didn't see each other every weekend, but when we arrived in our hometown we always hung out.
Of course, during this time we met other friends, but no friendship was so strong. When we had 10 years of elementary school anniversary, we came to a professor who told us that our friendship would not last and showed her that we were still always together. The lady was very surprised 🙂
And then everyone started making their own grown-up lives. In Ljubljana, Maribor, one of them stayed in my hometown and I moved to Austria.
And our friendship? Still awesome. Of course, we don't see each other every weekend, but because of all these social networks, we are always in touch (we created a group on messenger) where we share our lives. And of course, when we are all together, these are all-night conversations, and since everyone has their own apartment now, we can have sleepovers, and we don't need to ask our parents :) only our husbands and boyfriends. 😁
Because of them, because of these girls, my childhood and teenage years were wonderful because everyone knew what was going on in my life, so they always kept me away from my problems and made me forget, laugh and have a good time.

A close friendship can only be made with someone who is really in your company as they are and you can be as you are. No faking, playing and hypocrisy. Although we are different people, we accept each other. With virtues and faults. This is a person you can always rely on, trust and know that your secrets will be safe with them and that they will always fulfill promises. With laughter, everything in life is much easier. A sense of humor that you share and have in common is an important part of friendship. Smiling at each other in society reduces stress and strengthens our ability to overcome problems and embarrassments. After years of being apart and long absences abroad, we find ourselves somewhere again and again. And somehow I know that so will also be in the future. No matter how our lives turn or where we build our home, we will be there, waiting for new opportunities and hugs, and carefully guarding the greatest secrets we share with each other - our whole life :)

So, our next gathering is in two weeks in my apartment, because we need to say goodbye to our apartment. Why? Because we are moving to a bigger and better apartment. Finally 😁🤘
And I'm so excited to take some photos of my girls and sharing a story of our time together with you 🤗

So, let me show you some photos 🤘 (some of those photos are old and guess what? Without makeup, 😂 so yeah, we look funny and maybe a little bit crazy too) 😁🤘






















Girls, thanks for all the cheering words during difficult times, even if only trough phone or Facebook.Thanks for all our common jokes that no one else understands. Thanks for the trust and friendship that lives no matter where or how far we are.
And most importantly, thanks for all the love and memories. ❤

It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thanks guys for reading, and till the next time 🤘😎

With love, @tinabrezpike

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Only thing missing is a clown in the sewer.. 😂🤡😜 you guys rock, keep it up! 😎😀

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Thank you 🤗😁

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What a great post. I am so happy to hear that you girls are still friends. It sounds like a very special and beautiful relationship you share. Its great you always managed to solve problems if they came up too.
Wonderful collection of photos too.

What you have with your friends is priceless and so rare to find

This post has been appreciated and featured in daily quality content rewards. Keep up the good work.


Thanks @appreciator for this kind words 🤘🤗